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Special lingerie is a wonderful buy to make either for your honeymoon, wedding night, or just because you want to add your collection of lingeries.

However, women who seek comfortable yet special lace lingerie often cannot easily locate their perfect fit but are fond of browsing lingeries online. This article will walk you through different types of lingerie that will make you want to shop for more.

But first and foremost: What exactly is lingerie? Defined, “lingerie” refers to undergarments or sleepwear—typically, designs are a little nicer than your daily items.


Consider it a bra and underpants in one. (This is sometimes referred to as a teddy.) Even though a bodysuit provides more coverage than two separate items, it is sexier. Perhaps because it screams “special event,” making it great for a honeymoon (your anniversary or any other special occasion—you get the message).


Do you want to give your night a little extra kick? Use these lingerie designs to draw attention to your bust with quality prima donna bras. This type of lingerie expanded bra top generally covers most of your torso. However, some bustier bras stretch well over the belly. Go for a lacy and white appearance for a fresh yet sexy look. If you want to increase your sex appeal, go with a strappier design in red or black. Do you want anything extra special? The attached garters allow you to wear thigh-high hosiery.


A camisole (sometimes known as a cami) is a lingerie top featuring spaghetti straps. For a luxurious look, pick one in a satin fabric or silk with lace details. Choose this design if you would like to feel comfortable and pyjama-like on your usual night (or beyond). It is not as seductive as any other form of lingerie. However, it will certainly help you feel comfortable. You might also wear a cami with either a thong or bottom underwear to expose more of your leg.


Corsets are used to physically constrict your waist and include ties and grommets that could be tightened, compressing the stomach. Some corsets are now used as shapewear to improve the torso’s shape. And, go for a corset with accents like lace, satin straps, attached garters, or grommets for your special day.


Garter belts (also known as suspender belts) include clips that serve to keep up thigh-high stockings and may be used with practically any style of lingerie. Combine it with a matching bra and undies to elevate it from average to seductive.


This underwear style sits on the hips and hides the back with additional length on the bottoms (not the same as boy shorts). It provides greater coverage and gives a more young and fashionable appearance than classic cuts like bikinis.


A romper is merely a cami and short in one in the lingerie industry. In other terms, this lace lingerie is a one-piece featuring attached short-shorts. Rompers have a fun vibe and could be created of silk, cotton, lace or other comfortable fabrics that are soft enough to relax.

You can use lingerie on several occasions, be it your wedding day, your honeymoon, or any other occasion that is very close to your heart. Different designs of lingeries will not just give you comfort but added confidence. It will make you feel that you can wear anything you want to wear and look classy yet sexy.

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