Designing Your Ideal Engagement Ring

Planning an engagement and a wedding is an exciting time. One of the best parts about it is shopping for rings. Many future brides struggle to get their ideal engagement ring. They often combine various design elements from multiple styles, which is not easy to find when visiting the different jewellery stores.

One way to ensure you get precisely what you want in an engagement ring is to have it custom-made, which is more affordable than many people think. Below are some advantages of having a bespoke ring made and starting the process to know what it entails and prepare to get the ring of your dreams.

The Cost Of A Bespoke Engagement Ring

When it comes to custom lab grown diamond engagement rings, you can easily find a reputable Brisbane engagement ring designer to create a beautiful piece for you. If you live outside of Australia and would be more at ease to get a ring made near your place of residence, a Google search should lead you to nearby companies that offer this service.

You will need to research before selecting a reputable jewellery designer. You may be surprised when costing up your future engagement ring that the price will be like off-the-shelf designs you can find in your average high street jewellery store. However, you get a lot more value for money choosing a bespoke engagement ring, and you will also find a custom-made ring is much higher quality than one that is mass-produced in a factory.

Your Perfect Engagement Ring

You will have the benefit when choosing a bespoke engagement ring of getting precisely what you want and not having to compromise the same way you would for an off-the-shelf design. You can also provide the raw materials for your ring yourself to get a good deal and buy loose diamonds in Melbourne for your engagement ring. However, you need to ensure that you supply quality materials as most reputable jewellers will not want to use sub-standard materials in their designs.

The Initial Consultation

Once you have found a reputable jewellery designer to create your ring, you will need to book your initial consultation. Perhaps you want one of those 3 stone engagement rings in Australia? It will help the design process by explaining what you want in detail to the jewellery designer. If you have some images of engagement ring design features you wish to incorporate, it can help the design process. You can sit down with the jewellery designers, go through all the aspects of the ring and what gemstones to use, and then let them do their magic. They can often provide you with various design concepts, and you will then need to choose which one you want.

Beginning The Process

Once you have decided and agreed on the design, you will usually need to pay a 50% deposit before the jeweller starts to create your bespoke engagement ring for you. The remaining balance is generally due once the engagement ring is complete and before you collect it. The timeframe for most bespoke designs is between four to eight weeks, depending on its complexity.

Once the process is finished and you have paid the remaining balance, you can then collect the engagement ring of your dreams and get ready to display it to the world proudly. A bespoke engagement ring can turn heads with its unique design, and you will be surprised at how much bling your bucks buy when you opt for a custom ring.

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