Did No Time to Die Set up a Potential Spinoff?

No Time to Die was the end for Daniel Craig as James Bond, and Eon Productions has confirmed that he will be replaced by a male actor for the next movie. While many fans of the series are spending time speculating who the new 007 could be, others are discussing the potential for spinoffs from the main series.

There have never been any films in the franchise that haven’t featured the MI6 spy, but it could be time to shake things up and expand the model. After all, this is the contemporary method that has helped other studios find such great success.

A Long-Awaited Jane Bond Flick?

At the end of Cary Joji Fukunaga’s recent Bond offering, it was revealed for the first time ever in the film series that the spy had a family. This made the ending more tragic and helped complete Craig’s Bond arc in a satisfying way. There could have been other factors at play, though, in the decision to add this element to the story. For example, it has long been touted that there could be a shift in gender roles within the series. This would come in the form of a Jane Bond character.

There are many people who would love to see the concept of Jane Bond come to life, and this could be achieved in a spinoff. Prior to Barbara Broccoli confirming that the next Bond actor would be a British man, speculation was rife about whether a female could take over the iconic role. Various names were linked with the part, including Lashana Lynch, who featured in No Time to Die, Emilia Clarke, and Emily Blunt. With any of these names attached, a Jane Bond spinoff could succeed.

Jane Bond Could Be Perfect for the Franchise Model

Modern audiences may be primed to view something else within the wider world of Bond. This is because they’re used to the cinematic universe model that has been put to such great effect by Marvel Studios. Viewers are also accustomed to seeing related media based on film franchises that help to add depth to the characters they see on screen.

There is already an Agent Jane Blonde game that could serve to allure players to watch a Jane Bond spinoff. The title from Microgaming has been a draw for players for years. It’s one of the main titles at Slots n’Play, a new online casino in the UK. Players can get a sign-up bonus that includes a deposit match and free spins on select games. The site has also been awarded a four-star rating out of five. Agent Jane Blonde isn’t the only film-related title there, and players can play other slots that get them in the mood for movies. These include Bonnie & Clyde and The Asp of Cleopatra.

Although recent Bond films have tried to shed the overly masculine portrayal of the character, Eon Productions could do more to attract a greater number of female viewers. Jane Bond could achieve that, and it’s clear from the Agent Jane Blonde slot that the character would have strong franchise potential in related games.

Fans Desperate for a Feature with Ana de Armas

There is another potential spinoff from No Time to Die, and it could feature Ana de Armas’s Paloma. In the 2021 film, Bond meets the CIA operative in Cuba and infiltrates a Spectre meeting with her. This is one of the most memorable scenes of the whole picture, and it left fans begging for more. Craig and Armas had incredible chemistry and the latter nailed her role as a quirky but also highly capable action heroine.

This was one of Armas’s biggest parts to date, but it is unlikely to be the last time that viewers see the 33-year-old holding her own in a massive Hollywood blockbuster. Some critics referred to Armas as the best part of No Time to Die so it would be great to see the character have another outing at some point in the future.

The Bond series has survived for almost 70 years thanks to the reputation it has managed to build up. Now, though, it could be time for Eon Productions to adapt and cater to the modern entertainment industry where people love to see spinoffs. There are a couple of routes that could be explored without doing any damage to the legacy of 007.

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