Digital Assets And Their Use In Day

Passive Digital assets like Bitcoin, Etherium, and WAVES are not used in our everyday lives; preferably, it is used to buy, sell, save funds, and trade. Cash is used to buy all the things necessary in our day-to-day lives, whereas digital assets are too volatile to be used. This is the only reason which is stopping the mass from adopting it.

Many stable coins such as USDN, TUSD, Gemini, Neutrino, etc., is available in the market. Stable coins are the cryptocurrencies available at a regular price as an algorithm regulates them. These assets’ advantages are that they are stabilized by assets that change outside the cryptocurrency space, thus reducing the financial risk.

When a person sends WAVES to the smart contract, an equivalent amount of stable coins is generated. The waves that you deposit are leased to a neutrino mode to earn revenue out of it. The rewards earned are transferred back to the Neutrino smart contract and get converted into USDN tokens. These tokens are distributed among everyone stacking the smart contract. In this way, you can earn revenue by staking a stable coin. introduces a new feature in the Investment Section that allows you to stake USDN in the beta mode. You need to have a bank account with or without fees. You can bet USDN coins by sending them to a smart contract when these tokens will further be staked to liquidity pools on any blockchain network using https // login.

Things To Keep In Mind While Staking With USDN coins.

  1. When you stake in USDT, you receive a token USDLP which proves their ownership to be staked with USDT coins. If you lose this token, then you will lose access to stake the coins.
  2. Once a day, the stocked coins are authorized to your Etherium network from where the dividends are collected.
  3. You don’t receive the dividends’ direct payment; rather dividends on the network are sent to the staking contract on the waves blockchain in the form of USDT. Thus, the longer you hold your tokens, the higher amount you are likely to obtain from them. It doesn’t matter where your USDLP tokens are held; the prices go high every day.
  4. You cannot immediately collect your USDT coins; it may take around 14 days to collect them.

So, USDT staking has become a new and profitable way of investing. It differs from USDN staking by higher yield, and funds cannot be collected immediately.

So, how much can one expect to earn by staking a Neutrino? We have answered this here.

There are several factors that depend on which the price of the waves and the percentage of USDN deposited are the most important. You also get the leasing reward which is 6%. Every factor mentioned above contributes more or less to your earnings, but the higher the price of the waves, the more your earnings will be.

Stacking calculators are available online where you can calculate your rewards.

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