6 Best Social Media Marketing Tactics for All Businesses

Digital platforms have become the best way to reach consumers now that everyday life is highly digitized. In order for your company to stay relevant and successful, it is important to be aware of the latest digital marketing trends to utilize in your marketing strategy. Compiled here is a list of the trends that are here to stay in the long run.

Include Minority Groups in Marketing to Promote Acceptance 

A digital marketing trend that is likely here to stay is inclusive and equitable marketing. People want to see more of themselves represented in the media. As a result, an increasing number of companies are using more women in their ads as well as more ethnic or racial minorities. Many marketing companies are also pushing their clients in this direction. This results in a shift of the narrative and leads people, particularly minority groups, to feel seen and accepted.

George Fraguio, Vice President Lending, Vaster Capital

Utilize Chatbots to Save Employee Time and Energy in Communication

Chatbots will continue to be a very successful way to digitally market your business. They give you the ability to provide more touchpoints with your customers and prospects at any point in time. They provide instant responses to your prospects and customers questions and help alleviate time and energy that your team can spend elsewhere.

Chris Gadek, Head of Growth, AdQuick

Step Out of the Marketing Box

An important digital marketing trend that should be added to a company’s repertoire is broadening your reach to less-obvious platforms, such as podcasts. Companies should always meet the consumers where they are and offer the content they want to see in the way they want to receive it. Additionally, keep an eye out for up-and-coming outreach platforms and try to stay abreast of any trends. Being one of the first to expand into an upcoming marketing forum will set your company apart, but even simply having a presence on the relevant platforms will grow your brand. 

Ryan Craver, Founder and CEO, Mallary by Matthew

Market Strategically to Gain and Retain Visibility 

When it comes to digital marketing, you can always expect a lot of innovation–and even some disruptions. However, there are some trends that actually become staples of a solid digital marketing strategy. And one of those is to gain or retain visibility in every way imaginable, which includes strategic networking. Plus, if you believe it or not, LinkedIn isn’t dead. You can make connections and even build mutual collaborations on social media these days, so don’t cross that off your list too soon!

Ryan Rottman, Co-Founder and CEO, OSDB

Utilize Influencer Marketing to Reach More People

Using influencers as a strategy to market your brand is a fairly new development. Until recently, the title and position “Social Media Influencer” did not even exist, yet now it’s a highly sought-after job. People who follow influencers look up to and idolize them. Having influencers on-board with your marketing strategy will benefit your company because you’ll be able to reach a whole new audience of your influencers’ followers. Plus, as the influencers’ status continues to grow, so will your brand become more recognized. Remember that influencers have a clear concept of what they stand for, so you’ll want to team with influencers whose message relates well to your company’s brand and mission. Additionally, remember that a company-influencer relationship is based on mutual growth and benefits, and needs to always include a fair exchange. Ensuring both sides are heard and content will result in a positive experience for all. 

Shilla Kim-Parker, Co-Founder and CEO, Thrilling 

Create a Digital Presence to Reach a Larger Audience

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of having a solid digital presence for your company. Digital platforms such as social media are the wave of the future and will only become more necessary and relevant as time goes on. 

Summer Romasco, Growth Marketing Director, Ad Hoc Labs

Use Digital Networking as a Budget-Friendly Option

As it seems, 2021 is really the year for digital marketing. During the pandemic, many companies turned to strategies that made more sense for the current business environment, including those that were more budget-friendly and innovative. Some of the trends that I feel we’ll see for a long time, though, include placing more value on networking, and taking advantage of digital PR, such as providing expert information, appearing on podcasts and any other mediums offering exposure.

Dylan Fox, Founder & CEO, AssemblyAI

Maintain the Company’s Branding for Consistency

Much has changed in the world recently but one thing companies can offer is a consistency of branding. It seems like such a small thing to offer but any type of regularity in a world of change can feel like a fresh wind. Be clear on your brand, including your target demographic, your brand voice and tone of communication, and your mission and values. Demonstrate this consistently on all platforms and in all communication. Also, ensure that all company employees are representing the company’s brand and mission accurately. Combined, not only does this provide your audience with consistency but it also offers a chance for your company to reassess its brand and have a clear set of goals. 

Jeff Henretig, President, Apothecanna

Offer Visual Content for a Lighthearted Escape

People love easy-to-consume content, and that isn’t going to change any time soon, if ever. Short videos like you see on TikTok or Stories on Facebook, podcasts, and memes are all examples of content that users can quickly and easily consume. As we continue to live in a time of uncertainty regarding COVID and shutdowns could happen at any time, content that helps us find little easy escapes are more important than ever.

Eymel Daniel, Co-Founder, ForChics

Market on Social Media in Accordance with Majority Demographics

Research shows that different social media outlets are largely consumed by different demographics for different reasons at different times. For example, Facebook is mainly utilized by those between the ages of 25 and 34. Instagram appeals to a younger audience and short reels and bright visuals thrive. Twitter offers short snippets of fast-paced content that follow popular news and in-touch topics. Knowing statistics like these provide a basis of understanding on how best to use each social platform. A marketing policy you must incorporate is curating your content to the target demographic and content style most active on each site. You will be amazed by the way this method of marketing will advance your brand.

Nik Sharma, CEO, Sharma Brands 

Incorporate Video Marketing for Easily Digestible Content

Video marketing is a very important part of digital marketing and is definitely a trend that is here to stay. Customers digest content very well through video and it is very impactful if done correctly. It is the most popular way that consumers learn about new products and services and should be a leading part of your digital marketing strategy.

Darren Litt, Chairman and Co founder, MarketerHire

Recognize Digital Ads as a Crucial Brand Space

Ads have always been profitable but digital advertising is the newest advertising development due to the fact that consumers are highly active on social channels. With digital advertising your company will reach a higher audience. One of the best features of digital ads you can utilize is the targeting of the demographic who will respond best to your brand!

Spencer Williams, CEO, West Paw

Use Shopping on Social Media for Purchase Convenience 

Some digital marketing trends that are here to stay are shoppable social media posts. These are new to Instagram, for example, but they have become very popular. They make the process of purchasing products seamless, and customers love the convenience. SEO campaigns will also continue to be beneficial for companies and for anyone who is selling a product or service.

Brittany Kaiser, Chair of the Board of Directors, Gryphon Digital Mining 

Create Inclusive Marketing and Branding for Increased Representation

Customers are wanting to see more inclusive marketing from brands. Brands need to use a range of things like skin tones, gender identities, body types, ages, cultures, sexual orientations, physical abilities, and more in their digital and traditional marketing. Showing customers people who look and live like they do will help them feel represented and draw them to your brand.

Benjamin Smith, Founder, Disco

Engage in Social Listening for an Understanding of Perception of Brand

Social listening refers to being aware of what is being said by users about your brand on social media platforms. Whether they address your company’s customer service or not, you can listen to users for free feedback on how your brand is being perceived. Social listening will give you an understanding of where your brand needs to adapt as well as what areas are thriving. 

Candace Alarie, Founder, Soak Bath Co.

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