Disadvantages of Corded Tools (And what you should do instead)

For doing household work such as home decoration or house maintenance or house repairing you need some essential tools like hammer drills, impact driver, jigsaws, etc. By doing your work yourself you will be able to save some money but for that, you will require some essential tool. When you will have a well stock of tools it certainly becomes easier for you to do the work. But in the market, there are two types of tools – corded tools and cordless tools. Nowadays people prefer to buy cordless tools since the corded tool has several disadvantages. Before you buy the cordless tool you must know the reasons why you should not go for the corded tool and what are the disadvantages that you may face with such tools. That is the reason why in this article, we have come up with some disadvantages of corded tools so that you can easily understand why should not you opt for them especially when you are buying them for domestic work.

What are the major disadvantages of cordless tools and what is the solution for it?

The following are some major disadvantages of cordless tools due to which people prefer to opt for a corded tool:

  • Difficult storage: The corded tools have wires due to which it requires more space for storing. Apart from that, the corded tool is bulky in size and it becomes difficult to store it in a small space. The best solution for it is to buy a cordless tool that does not come up with wire. That means for storing the cordless tool you will not require more space. Apart from that, since it does not come up with any kind of wires it is certainly very easy to carry anywhere you require. You cannot place the corded tool in a congested place, for example, in drawers, shelves, etc. But it is possible to store the cordless tool in these congested places. The cordless tool accompanies by batteries but the good thing is that those batteries are also small in size and thus you can keep those batteries along with the tool in less space. Hence, as compared to that of the corded tool, cordless tools are easier to store. You will get the cordless tool online at My Cordless Tools.
  • Bulky: The corded tool generally comes in a bigger size which is difficult to work as it becomes heavy due to its bulky size. But the cordless tool is much light weighted as compared to that of the corded tool. Since the corded tool is so heavy, you may feel a huge strain while working with the corded tool. Hence, when you feel strain while working you will not be able to work more comfortably and also cannot work for a longer period. Thus when it comes to the health factor the corded tool is not a suitable one. That is why people like to choose the cordless tool when it comes to choosing between the corded and cordless one.
  • Risk for getting electric shock: The corded tool runs with the power that comes from the power outlet with the help of a wire. Hence there is always a risk of getting shocked while dealing with the corded tool. But the cordless tool does not have any risk of getting an electric shock as it runs with the battery and there is no requirement for the power outlet. A corded tool is very risky for the children can use this type of tool without any risk. Apart from that, you may also face several difficulties working with the corded tool in the rainy season as well. But you will never face such an issue with the cordless tool.
  • Restricted mobility: Another huge difficulty of using the corded tool is that you need to keep it tethered to the wall. Apart from that, it is also necessary to keep the cord out of the blade line as there is always a risk of getting the cord of the tool break. In such a case the complete tool will become useless. But this is not the case with the cordless tool and you can keep it anywhere you desire as there is no wire involved in it.

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