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Every individual is faced with constant change when it comes to bodily appearance. The body looks completely different in the teenage as compared to when an individual is in their 50s. But with constantly changing climatic conditions and unhealthy eating habits, people are facing various hormonal and physical changes in their body at a very young age. The most common problem that people are facing these days is hair loss, and it can affect your self-esteem and confidence in a prominent way. While some people hide it with a wig, some people prefer hats to hide them. Both the genders are equally affected by it. Losing hair can surely be considered one of the most disheartening things that can happen to an individual.

Whether it is happening because of high levels of stress, unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle, or even hereditary issues, losing hair at a young age is a nightmare for everyone. It starts from 25-100 a day, which is considered quite normal in kids but as we age, the numbers increase, and there comes a point when the body starts losing more hair than it can reproduce. In scientific language, this is called Alopecia. But as technology and the innovation process has evolved immensely over the last two decades, medical and surgical advancements have reached the moon and because of that, we have a surgical procedure for almost everything nowadays, even hair loss. Let’s discuss it more.

PRP hair-loss therapy and how it is beneficial?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is considered an effective anti-aging treatment in treating various types of skincare and hair fall problems. Most commonly used in reducing the wrinkles and lines that accumulate with age over the face, PRP treatment was found to be highly effective in patients who were suffering from alopecia. Plasma houses various types of substances that can complement tissue regrowth like platelets and collagen which when injected over a person’s scalp, firmly boost the body’s ability to regrow hair again. It is a highly effective procedure and is gaining huge popularity all over the globe for all the benefits that it offers. Let’s discuss some of them.

Benefits of PRP Therapy for hair loss

  • No risks of Infection: One cannot compare this treatment with Cosmetic surgery or any major type of skin treatment. This is a risk-free minor surgery in which blood is extracted from one part of the body to filter plasma from it. The plasma is then injected into the scalp for boosting regrowth. The doctors use a centrifuge to blend all the good blood cells that help in creating maximum regrowth and boosts stimulation.
  • High success rates: The platelets can slow down or completely reverse the process of hair follicles becoming thin which can be considered one of the major reasons for hair fall. With this treatment, the patients can easily see effective results in just 4-5 weeks which doesn’t give their appearance a drastic change all at once. Slowly proceeding with the treatment can also help people in adapting to their hair growth pattern.
  • Pocket-friendly treatment: One of the major reasons this treatment is widely popular is because of its cost. There’s a myth that surgical treatments of hair and skin are very expensive and can hamper a normal earning person’s bank balance which is completely false. Various clinics offer PRP hair loss therapy in Baton Rouge at super affordable prices. For example, Metaglow is a renowned name all over Baton Rouge for its wide range of skin enhancement treatments that it offers at affordable prices.
  • Improves your outlook: The hair compliments the personality of a person. It helps boost your confidence which further helps in improving your outlook towards life.
  • No post-treatment scars: Another advantage that this treatment gives you is that it involves no cuts, scars, or treatment marks. Many individuals are afraid of treatment scars because of which they avoid getting treated. Learn more about this treatment here.

There are many more other benefits that this treatment offers like negligible recovery period, rapid changes in appearance, no medications, etc. So one should not bother about hair-fall or hair-loss problems anymore as this treatment comprises everything that a customer desires.

Metaglow is a reliable anti-aging clinic that offers the best PRP hair loss therapy in Baton Rouge. With qualified professionals, advanced medical facilities, and immense experience in the field, Metaglow offers state-of-the-art skin care and hair loss treatments that enhance a person physically and also boost his/her self-confidence. We also offer various discounts and offers on our yearly package as well. So what are you waiting for? Click here to book your next appointment now.

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