Does taking Omega 3 daily aids in cancer prevention?

Feeling tardy lately? Lacking just that right amount of enthusiasm to get through the day? Worried about maintaining your heart’s health?

Don’t worry fam, we’ve got you covered. Omega 3 capsules are just the right product for you. Within the past decade, a huge segment of population has turned to omega 3 capsules as they provide a vast array of benefits to its users. But why omega 3? Omega 3 capsules price in India? What is it all about and what are its benefits? Let’s find out together.

Usually known as omega 3 fatty acids or omega 3, these are the nutrients present in your diet that can help you in maintaining a fit and healthy body that aids in your physical and mental wellbeing. They’re key to your cell wall’s structure and your heart’s health. They’re also a vital source of energy that helps in keeping your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and immune system at their very best.

There are two main types of Omega 3 fatty acids; Long chain acids and Short chain acids. The two important types of  long chain Omega 3, namely, EPA eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA docosahexaenoic acid, are usually found in a certain fish species, shellfish, etc. DHA  is prominently found in algae. alpha-linolenic acid, also known as ALA, is another crucial short chain omega-3 fatty acid, derived from the rich sources such as nuts and flaxseed. Usually, EPA and DHA are more potent and more viable than the ALA’s and are thus generally preferable.

Your body needs these important fatty acids to function as well as maintain itself.

Ever wondered why omega 3 is sometimes also referred to as fish oil? We’re here to help you. omega 3 is usually found in certain species of fish in high amounts. Fish is also the primary and most potent source of these fatty acids. Hence, they’re sometimes referred to be synonymous to fish and cod liver oil.

Now that you have a basic idea about omega 3, its types and its sources, let’s move on to fishing some facts and health benefits about the same.

Health benefits of Omega 3 capsules

A plethora of studies from around the world go on to suggest that omega-3s may be extremely beneficial to a wide range of diseases like cancer, asthma, cardiovascular diseases and various autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. They might also come in handy for the treatment of depression and ADHD among others.

How does it work?

All of these diseases work similarly in case of inflammation. Large amounts of these fatty acids help in reducing the inflammatory process that is leading to various chronic conditions in your body.

Recommended dosage

The Department of Health and Human Services, the United States Department of Agriculture, the American Heart Association, and the American Dietetic Association all advocate eating two 8-ounce portions of fish every week to combat the great threat of numerous health disorders.


Omega 3 is a wonderful multivitamin that works wonders for your health and body and brain ( big surprise) to keep you up and running at every stage of your life.

Cognitive benefits and brain food

These  fatty acids are also known as brain food because they are highly perforated in the brain and are extremely crucial for cognitive (brain memory and performance) and behavioural functions. A study once revealed that the adults who had more fish intake were less prone to having alzheimer’s. another study shed light on the relationship between cognitive functions and omega 3 intake. People with fatty acid intake were found to have developed better cognitive functions as compared to the rest.

Artery benefits

A study found out that the women who had more intake of fatty acids were reported to have better arteries as compared to the rest of the group. Benefits seemed to increase with more intake of various types of long and short chain omega 3’s.

Cancer and it’s prevention

According to another study conducted on group of Swedish men, it was found out that men who had some source of omega 3 fatty acids in their diets were less likely to develop prostrate cancer later in life, as compared to those who didn’t .

Good for eyes

Eating a good amount of EPA’s, DHA’s and ALA’s in  your diet can help you combat age related macular degeneration and protect your eyes from being at such fatal risks later in life. They are also beneficial for dry eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa among others.


Triglycerides are fats from the food we eat that are carried in the blood. Triglycerides make up the majority of the fats we consume, including butter, margarines, and oils. Excess calories, alcohol or sugar in the body turn into triglycerides and are stored in fat cells throughout the body. Omega 3 fatty acids help in reducing the levels of triglycerides and work by breaking them down efficiently and effectively.

Infant development

Omega-3 long chain fatty acids form important constituents of the  developing and maturing brain. Therefore, they are considered crucial for brain development in utero and in early infancy. Also, if given in high amounts, these can work wonders to improve your child’s visual Acuity.

Other benefits

Apart from the above listed benefits, omega 3 fatty acids can also help in preventing fatalities like brain damage, dementia and stroke, among others and help give you an edge over these diseases. They can also help you in improving your day to day functioning.

Well, now that we are all well-acquainted with the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids, let’s have a look at the opposite aspect of it. Do they have any side effects?

Side effects of omega 3 supplements are generally pretty mild in nature. These include an unpleasant taste, bad breath, bad body odor, headaches, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, and diarrhea.

So what’s the bottom line?

Omega 3 works as a wonderful multivitamin and can provide a variety of health benefits to your body. Choose right, choose well and get your omega 3 capsules now.

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