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We all have used a keyboard at some point of time in our lives. Most of us have to use it daily, for a wide variety of tasks. When smartphones are considered, keyboard applications are there in all devices. In many such applications, you even have options to change how your keyboard looks.

However, just like what’s under the hood of a car matters as much as how the car looks, a keyboard application should have powerful features along with a beautiful user interface for the best user experience.

We’ll start from the basics. Keyboard applications have features for their users like symbols and numbers mode, one-handed typing, floating keyboard and bi-lingual support.

These features are expected from a keyboard application. But, you won’t be expecting this.

Does your keyboard predict your conversation even before you actually type the complete text? Yes, you heard it right!

Marathi keyboard by Bharat Keyboard, is a powerful keyboard tool that can convert English words to Marathi within seconds. It also features a keyboard to effortlessly type Marathi while chatting on any platform. Also, it can predict phrases or sentences that you might type, even before you actually write them down.

Here’s what you should know about this feature:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: You might have guessed it right by now. The Marathi Keyboard has AI support. The AI analyzes what you type and suggests phrases and sentences that you might type next. The AI generates guesses based on your previous texts, which means that it shows accuracy to some degree.
  2. Preloaded Dictionary: The AI feature is integrated into the standard Marathi Keyboard. So it tracks what you type in the background, learns new words that aren’t there in its vast pre-downloaded dictionary, and stores them there. This ensures that it provides relevant and accurate suggestions instantly and keeps your statements on point.
  3. High Accuracy: Thanks to the AI support and the evolving local dictionary, the Marathi Keyboard lets you converse amongst your peers with complete accuracy. The chances of errors decrease significantly since the spelling conversions match with the typed spellings.
  4. Scope of Development: Even as we talk, artificial intelligence develops exponentially. New algorithms are created, techniques are adopted, and AI just gets more intelligent from here. Thus, this feature will only offer a better experience to you in the future.

This feature can be upgraded limitlessly. As technology advances, Artificial Intelligence will progress by leaps and bounds. Your keyboard will eventually get unbelievably intelligent and will be able to assist you in almost anything that involves using Marathi for talking.

We’re sure that this feature will come in handy when you want to be your best professionally. Also, you will never have an embarrassing moment when you’re out in your social circle since the Marathi Keyboard will always back you up.

The amazing features of the Marathi Keyboard do not end here, it also offers easy-to-operate functions and a wide variety of jokes, shayaris, emojis, and GIFs which make communication over smart screens more enjoyable, life-like, and expressive.

Algorithms for instant recognition and correction of mistyped words are a plus for people with problems in cognitive processing and who might not have the best of times when typing on compact keyboards. People who have a hard time overcoming language barriers and want to engage with vernacular friends over media platforms can get on board seamlessly! Transliteration of text to widely used regional languages like Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bangla, Manipuri, Arabic, Urdu, etc. has made its hand known.

Why don’t you try this keyboard out? Download the Marathi Keyboard now!

The Marathi typing keyboard can be downloaded across all android devices through the play store app. And don’t worry about the safety and security, it is a 100% made in India device which prioritizes your safety above everything.

So leave your stress behind and streamline your typing experience with Marathi typing keyboard today!

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