Dressing Sharp: Are Tailored Suits Worth It?

With employers readying plans to have the majority of their employees returning to working in person, it might be time to refresh the old wardrobe.

And when it comes to creating a worthy set of attire, you’re going to want to make sure what you wear fits you perfectly. That’s where tailored suits come into play.

If you’ve never experienced a tailored suit, we’ll cover what the differences are, from costs to comfort and style.

Why Tailored Suits?

Everyone is different. And when it comes to purchasing clothing, it’s okay if something doesn’t fit perfectly. T-shirts can be a bit snug, jeans a bit loose.

But suits are designed for looking as good as possible and fitting you perfectly. Yet most suits purchased at a department store come in sizes similar to casual wear.

“Small, medium, and large,” doesn’t cut it for everyone, and only a fraction of the population will have an untailored suit fit them perfectly.

Tailored suits trim and add where necessary to ensure your suit fits you exactly right. No wrinkles, no tight pulling, just a comfortable fit for either work or pleasure.

For a jacket, tailors will address:

  • Smoothing out the shoulders
  • Ensuring the button holds, not pulling too tight or sagging loose
  • Ensuring that the jacket sleeve is just above the wrist
  • Ensuring that your jacket covers your belt but doesn’t seep down your thigh

Tailored suits further limit the stress put on the buttons, both in the pants and jackets, increasing their longevity and appearance.

Cost for Tailor-Made Suits

A quality, off-the-rack suit is going to cost a bit of change. A tailored suit will cost a bit extra. And a completely custom suit can cost thousands of dollars.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the basic suit: often a jacket and pants.

A new, brand-name suit will likely set you back anywhere from $300-$599. You’ll get style and class, but the suit will be a bit snug or a bit loose.

A custom suit will match your dimensions, perfectly. You can ensure the fabric, colors, and stitching match exactly what you need. Even buttons can be custom, made out of exotic corozo nuts instead of plastic.

But if you’re looking for a daily driver, something that fits good day-in, day-out, a tailored suit is likely the best option for the cost. It meets a fine middle ground and should not break the bank.

Custom tailored clothing can be purchased for around $500, or a pre-purchased suit can often be touched up by a tailor for $40-$100.

And yes, it is worth it. Your suit will hold up better and for longer if it meets your dimensions.

Tailor Your Suit!

There’s no comparison. Tailored suits are better than their unmodified counterparts in nearly every way. They’ll set you back a little bit extra, but the longevity, style, and comfort you’ll get in return is worth it.

If you’ve got a suit you like, consider taking it to a tailor. If you’re looking for something new, get it tailored to your specifications and compare it with an untailored suit.

The difference will be instantly apparent and you’ll thank yourself for spending the few extra bucks.

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