Dubai Studio City

The picturesque infrastructure of Dubai Studio City attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Mainly business sectors are included in free zones of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and Dubai Studio City is one of the well known free zones in Dubai city. If you are looking for an apartment for sale in Dubai Studio City, you need to know the various fascinating aspects of Dubai Studio City. For this purpose, you must read this whole article with full attention.

Let’s talk in detail about Dubai Studio City!

Brief Overview of Dubai Studio City

Dubai Studio City is a famous platform for many companies and business sectors. It provides a larger space for filmmakers to make their films because its area is twenty-two million square feet. Besides this, there are also various activities like broadcasting services, production, shooting spaces, recording studios, and significant sound stages.

Community of Dubai Studio City

It consists of different commercial and residential towers. The commercial part includes the television offices, retail spaces and various production companies, and the residential component consists of many freelancers as inhabitants. The commercial offices are built mainly for technology-related fields like set designing, animation, editing, and dubbing. The green spaces in the residential buildings present the most beautiful view. The critical advantage of Dubai Studio City is that it has a pet-friendly community in which people with their pets go out for a walk daily.

Benefits of Living in Dubai Studio City

Dubai Studio City offers endless leisure, many events and recreational activities to the people living there, temporary or permanent. There are the following benefits of living or visiting Dubai Studio City.

#1. Shopping Convenience

The Dubai Studio City also provides a more excellent facility of shopping convenience to their residents and visitors because it has a closet mall whose name is First Avenue Mall in Motor City. This mall has fascinating features like more than twenty types of foods, the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel and fifty high street retail stores. Besides this, City Center Me’aisem is also a famous mall located near Dubai Studio City, and it has an amusement centre and various high-end fashion outlets.

#2. Night Life in Dubai Studio City

The nightlife in Dubai Studio City is more charming and fantastic because it is surrounded by various food chains that are internationally claimed, pubs, local restaurants and famous malls.

#3. Sightseeing in Dubai Studio City

Visitors and residents both enjoy a lot of attractions in Dubai Studio City. It is the central place for the production of films and television. The people who want to explore their lives in real life can visit the Dubai Miracle Garden located in Dubai Studio City. Except this, the Butterfly Garden is also found where visitors and residents can enjoy the fifty species of butterflies.


This article has explained many fascinating aspects of Dubai Studio City, and hopefully, you will understand. If you are looking for finding an apartment in Dubai Studio City, then Azizi Developments apartment for sale in Dubai Studio City will provide you with excellent apartments.

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