E-sports is a serious sport

“Playing games can make money?” “E-sports is also worthy of sports? Is it a Paralympic event?” In the face of the rapid development of e-sports in recent years, many people disdainfully questioned, “What is the meaning of e-sports? ”

Yes, this is a somewhat difficult topic, because from a purely utilitarian point of view, all sports competitions are meaningless. What’s the point of 22 men chasing a ball madly on the grass? What’s the point of a rash man who used his life’s strength to lift up a pile of heavy metal blocks?

  Some people say that these at least exercise!

Some people say that these at least exercise the brain!

Then I will ask again. You said that a large group of people huddled together and watching the same kind on the stage make a tonal voice. Does it make any sense? Is there any point in building various ancient streets just to tell a vague old story on the screen? Finally, when you click here, you can see my unpleasant words, but haha, what’s the point? Check 토토사이트.

What is the significance of all the above for improving human productivity and advancing human civilization?

I think the only meaning is probably “they are all interesting.” Different from ordinary animals, they can pursue a more colorful world and create fun beyond nature.

Interesting, this is the meaning of e-sports. An operation against the sky is like a wonderful extraordinary, an exquisite cooperation is like a harmonious movement, and a thrilling comeback is like an epic with a heart-stirring effect. And the viewers are delighted.

Speaking from Miss’s 20 million

When I was young, there was one thing that puzzled me. Why do many women have more patriarchal thoughts than men? The abuse of her daughter is even worse. After growing up, I realized that some women have suffered humiliation throughout their lives, and their understanding of women’s fate has gone deep into their bones, even more profound than men… It is really a great sorrow to want this kind of self-conceited outlook on life.

Unfortunately, now China’s e-sports is facing the same kind of sorrow. Not only are there a large number of defenders outside the game circle who always wear colored glasses, wanton slander and derogation, there are even many players in the circle who look down on their hobbies and feel that the game is not worthy of the name of competitive sports. For those who rely on e-sports The players at the pinnacle of life also despise all kinds of things, which is really chilling.

As one of the most successful e-sports anchors in China, Miss signed a contract with a live broadcast platform at a sky-high price of 20 million before the new year (this figure is actually watery), which has attracted huge controversy. Hong Kong’s “Ta Kung Pao” has a strong jealous question. “What contribution do these gamers have to society? Why do they make so much money?” They actually attributed the success of the female anchors to the anti-pornography action in the mainland, thinking that these anchors have filled the gap in the porn industry, and disdainfully called the “e-sports anchors” In fact, the threshold is not high. As long as you have a good face and can play games, you can make money by simply tweeting and selling meat~” and even complained that “Teacher Cang’s hard work to make films is not as good as Xiaocang’s playing games.”

The argument of “Ta Kung Pao” is really a slander of the world. It does not see the brilliance of others, the villain, can not see the sweat of others, and it is stupid. It is not worthy of argument, but the editor is behind. In the comments, a large number of applauded players were found embarrassingly, and they were filled with indignation and complained about the disadvantages of e-sports…

Then I would like to ask, what’s the point of you saying that several old men gathered at a table and studied how to arrange the small wooden blocks คลิปไฮไลท์Esport engraved with “cars, horses and cannons”? What’s the point of surrounding a lot of black and white stones? Why is there a respected master?

This is China’s e-sports. It takes a bunch of unlearned “bad kids” as the seed, and the misty Internet cafes as the soil. It sprouts under the vigilance of parents, grows up in the tales of Tao Jiao beasts, and grows in the official government. It grew in ambiguity, and stumbled to glory in the self-doubt of the players.

If the old video games were regarded as a scourge, then the e-sports with a sports coat is still nothing more than a beast in the eyes of many people, and it is always a gadget that is not on the table, just because behind the e-sports, in the e-sports In front of the game, the word “play” is also written.

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