Finding a rental property that meets all your needs can be time-consuming and stressful. In addition, because the rental prices continuously rise, the market is more competitive than ever, and it might seem impossible to find a place you can call home. When you are confused and can’t make a proper decision, don’t panic, do not make a quick decision, and don’t put down a deposit for fear of losing a property. We present you with several easy tips on finding a rental home in Texas.

Ask around

The easiest solution sometimes can also be the most efficient. When you’re looking for a rental, you should start by asking your friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors, or other people in your social circles to help you out. You could even ask those close to you to ask around among their friends or spread the word. Often some people around you know a person subleasing a home, renting a property, or even searching for a roommate, and they can give you recommendations. But be careful: always make sure to carefully read the contracts because many people sublease without their landlord’s permission which may present potential legal issues.

Location and relocation

When it comes to Texas, we can say that this state is landlord-friendly. About 59% of Dallas residents are renting their apartments or houses. However, due to the pandemic beginning in March two years ago, Austin boasts a 26% rent which is 21.1% higher than before the pandemic and the most expensive in Texas. For instance, Dallas’s one-bedroom rent growth year-over-year was 14.8%, and in Houston was 10.9%. But regardless of statistical data, it is possible to rent a home or apartment in Texas if you are wise and careful. It is crucial to know this data if you want to relocate to some of the big cities in Texas and fit your budget. But there are other more affordable options. Perhaps you decide to move to a smaller city that is also more affordable. But, unfortunately, their prices are higher than before March 2020 too. Still, we recommend looking into Plano, Corpus Christi, Irving, and Brownsville apartments for rent, for example.

 Hire a real estate agent

This can be an acceptable way of finding rental homes that meet your needs and preferences. That is particularly important for larger cities like Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio. An experienced real estate agent has significant knowledge of the local market. They could provide you with the ideal home within your budget regardless of whether you want to relocate or stay in the same city. However, remember that a capable real estate agent has an acceptable price. So, make sure that their services fit your budget. On the other hand, online listings might be the best option for those looking for a less competitive market in Texas and who want to relocate to a smaller city. You can, for example, find beautiful apartments for rent in some smaller towns that offer many conveniences such as fitness centers, swimming pools, etc.

Long-term costs

If you think that rent is your only financial obligation after moving in, we must say that you are wrong. According to studies, long-term costs range from monthly utilities to regularly-purchased items depending on your needs. The list may include gas, electricity, cable, Internet, sewer, trash, water, cell phone services, food, etc. The average cost of each of these varies depending on the year, so you have to put aside a few hundred dollars per month for those things and the rent. Besides planning a budget for your first apartment, it’s a good idea to gather all the paperwork that the property manager will ask from you during the application process. If this is prepared in advance, you can save plenty of time. For example, collect recent pay stubs and bank statements, and bring your ID when filling out rental applications.

When is the right time for moving?

As the rental market often moves quickly, do not accept rent start dates earlier than necessary. Instead, be patient and wait for the right time. Meanwhile, you have an opportunity to move all your things thoroughly and to clean up your old place. Ask your potential landlord or agent what the right time is, how much flexibility there is, and do not accept a date that doesn’t work for you.

 The condition of your potential living place

In the sunshine, you can’t know in what condition your place could be in the fall or winter. Maybe then it becomes moldy, wet, and cold. On the other hand, it may be well insulated when you visit your potential new home in the spring and summer. Still, you might struggle with ventilation or noisy neighbors.

Estimate the rental property as carefully as possible, try to fit all costs in your budget, wait for the right time for relocation and pick the best one for you. If you notice some issues, ask if these will be fixed before you get there.

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