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Every appliance in your home is connected to a drain. They are generally well hidden behind or under the appliance. Each drain consists of a trap in the shape of an ‘S’ or a ‘P’ which is connected to pipes that take the wastewater and associated products outside and into the main sewer line.

All the drains merge at some point and enter the main sewer line.

In most cases, because it is out of sight, people tend to overlook this part of the house. However, if you neglect to get a reputable Sydney plumber to inspect them regularly, you are likely to find yourself facing an issue. That includes a blockage and potentially backflow into your home. 

That’s why, alongside an annual inspection, you should be aware of the most common signs that you have drains that need to be cleared or cleaned. 

Slow Drains

Perhaps the most obvious indication that you have a drainage issue is when your appliances start to drain slowly. The first thing to check is whether it is one appliance or all of them. One appliance indicates an issue in the trap attached to it. If it is all the appliances then you probably have a clog building in your drains.

You’ll need to use an inspection camera, this will allow you to identify where the clog is and what is causing it. Clogs can be caused by the wrong thing going down the drain, such as sanitary products or a build-up of fat. But, they can also be a result of damage to the pipe, such as from tree roots. 

Knowing what the issue is will help to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

Water Backing Up 

This is an extension of slow draining and usually happens in the shower first. That’s because its drain point tends to be closest to the ground. 

As the clog stops water from flowing, the amount of water going down the drain will exceed that which can pass through the pipe. The result is the water builds up in the shower tray, potentially overflowing into your home

Unusual Sounds

In most cases, the water disappears down your drains without an issue. However, when your drains are experiencing issues there is less room for the water to escape and air to replace it. This results in the water finding its way through small gaps and air rushing in afterward. You’ll hear unusual noises, such as a gurgling sound. 

Increase In Flies

When you have a clog in your pipes that means there is a build-up of debris. Unfortunately, drain and fruit flies are attracted to the decaying material. If you start noticing an increase in the number of these visiting your property then they are telling you there is an issue with your drains. 

The key thing, when you realize there is a drain problem, is to assess the issue straight away and take the appropriate response. It won’t get better if left and is likely to cause you a bigger issue. 

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