Effects of Mobile Phones on Human Eyes and More

We are entering the era of macular degeneration. No, this is not the introduction to a sci-fi movie. This is reality. Although it’s not the end of the world either, and we’re here to explain exactly why.

Let’s start with that macular degeneration, which is the result of poisonous molecules that are created by blue light exposure. This light is emitted by laptops, smartphones, and tablets, turning out to be much more harmful than we first thought. Following a study by researchers at the University of Toledo, co-author Ajith Karunarathne had this to say:

“We are all aware that our eyes are damaged by blue light, especially our retinas.” 

Karunarathne explained that our eyes are not made to absorb this blue light, since the cornea of our eyes is not able to reflect or block it. This causes the light to go directly to the photoreceptors, which are the sensitive cells of the eye. 

Blue Light Exposure: Is There Anything Else to Watch Out For?

Before we address the solutions you can take to save your precious retina, we need to talk about one last effect that blue light can have on our health. 

As you may know, there are times when we take our mobile devices to bed, squeezing out the last drop of dopamine that day. You might be playing at a top mobile casino Finland for real money or just scrolling through instagram. Well, if you’re planning to shut your eyes right after you put down your smartphone or tablet, here’s what can happen:

  • Disruption of sleep/wake cycle (circadian rhythm)
  • Hormone secretion
  • Nerve signaling (neurotransmission)
  • The brain’s ability to adapt to changing situations (plasticity)

Bottom line, one of the main problems of blue light exposure is mood and sleep disorders. So, if you decide to dabble in an online casino with bonuses or hit up your friends on social media, then do it at least half an hour before you close your eyes.

Blue Light Solutions | Is There Salvation or Are We All Doomed?

Although blue light may seem like a silent killer, the truth is that there are thousands of ways to remedy the issue. After all, it’s merely screen exposure. And to end this article on a high note, we’ve done some research on the main solutions, which even our team of writers will be implementing.

Here are our top tips for healthy, beautiful eyes, all year round:

  • Screen Time: If you work on the computer or use it longer than you should, take breaks. This may seem obvious, but the best way to save your eyes is to give your retina a break.
  • Night Time: Granted, if you’re just having your best gambling session and there seems to be no end to the winnings in casino games, it’s hard to simply put your device away. Still, try not to play and win so much right before you go to sleep. Although now that we think about it… the adrenaline and excitement of having won so much that night will surely keep you awake!
  • Filter: A simple solution to cure your eyes as soon as possible is to simply add a screen filter or switch to night mode to ease the digital eye strain.
  • New Glasses: The last convenient solution is to buy a pair of glasses with special lenses that reduce blue light exposure. You may not want to add filters to everything or always switch to night mode. Then the best thing to do is to buy glasses that not only filter the light, but also help you with blurred vision and dry eyes.

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