Egypt: the gateway to Africa

Egypt is a country where almost all your wishes are guaranteed to be fulfilled, especially when it comes to travel. Regardless of whether you have always wanted to visit Africa for the discovery of wild animals or if you want to grapple with ancient cultures, Egypt offers the perfect setting for all kinds of interests.

First and foremost, an Egypt tours offers a strong insight into one of the richest stories in the world. Apart from that, we would like to tell you what else you can expect and what kind of trip might suit you.

Nile cruise through Egypt: flora, fauna and much more

One of the highlights of Egypt is definitely the Nile, known to many as the longest river in the world. This runs from Aswan, in the south of Egypt, up north to Alexandria, where it flows into the Mediterranean. On a Nile cruise through the entire country, you will pass the beautiful city of Luxor and Cairo, the capital of Egypt. You will also cross unique landscapes during the trip, such as one of the largest deserts in the world, the Sahara. Some of the animals you might encounter along the way include Nile crocodiles, hippos and monitor lizards. A Nile cruise already brings great versatility and is ideal for explorers who like to be comfortable. This type of tour is offered for different budgets.

A paradise for divers

Egypt is also very popular for divers. From here they can dive into the Red Sea, which has some of the most exciting diving environments with its unique coral reefs and wrecks. Popular diving excursions start from Hurghada or Sharm-El-Sheikh. Different dives can be started from the coast, depending on your wishes. The diving centers in these areas have a good reputation. Check out an amazing guide on blue whale bitten in half south africa.

History and desert landscapes

Anyone interested in the history of Egypt will most likely end up in Cairo. Not only are numerous historical museums located here, but the capital is also the perfect starting point for visiting the Pyramids of Sudan and looking for ancient pharaohs and gods. In addition, the city shines with impressive mosques and lets you get to know the Egyptian culture better.

Choose the all-round carefree package!

Would you like a bit of everything for your trip to Egypt? No problem! You can put together a very individual tour through many tour operators and in this way combine many different activities. For example, you can easily create a combination of a beach holiday and a cultural trip from a two-week holiday. A dispute with the family or the partner about the vacation plans can be excluded.

Egypt round trip low budget

Round trips can drive up vacation costs a lot, especially if they are put together individually in a travel agency. But take a look at tour operators online, because you can also find incredibly affordable tours there. Especially if you would like to travel alone and are not shy of people, it is a good idea to join a travel group. This is fully organized for you by a tour operator. You simply choose a tour that you like and that matches your interests. The big advantage is that you save a lot of money.

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