Embracing Susatainable Fashion without Ruining Your Budget

Many of us love to invest in the latest fashion trends. Unfortunately, keeping up with fashion can be bad for the environment. For one, fashion trends do come and go. With the presence of cheap fast fashion, it can be tempting to spend your spare cash just to get a hold of an on-trend piece. But if your goal this year is to embrace sustainability, it pays to be more conscious of how you dress and buy your fashion items.

The good news is, there are many things you can do to embrace sustainable fashion. There are certain practices you can consider taking in to reduce the environmental impact of your sense. You don’t even need to break the bank just to embrace sustainable fashion.

Consider the Materials Used When Shopping

Sometimes, we become so blinded by our love for fashion. We take no consideration for how the clothes and accessories we buy are being made. This is one reason we often end up fast fashion.

Before making any purchase, make sure to take into account what each piece is made and how manufacturers made them. With a bit of research, this should not be a difficult thing to do. The internet offers to be a great way to know more about fashion companies, how they make fashion items, how they source their materials, etc.

For instance, know what accessories will last longer and can help you achieve your fashion style. If you are into bracelets, you might want to consider metal and silicone accessories instead of those made from plastic and rubber. Bracelets made from silicone, for instance, can last longer and have reduced harm to the environment with proper handling, use, and disposal.

When it comes to clothes, check the fabric content. Wool, linen, silk, bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton are examples of fabrics that are better for the environment.

Maximize Your Wardrobe

Many people think they need to buy the clothes being sold in the market to stay fashionable. But if you are serious about living sustainably, the best thing to do is to use what you already have. Mixing and matching your clothes and accessories can even help you save money in the process.

Don’t limit yourself by simply wearing clothes as they are. Mix patterns and colors, work on those layers, and re-work your wardrobe. Take a picture of what you wear each day so you can avoid wearing the same exact outfit for a month.

Consult a friend whose fashion style you adore and trust the most and let them dress you up from head to toe. This is a great way to bond with your friend and get fresh fashion ideas. You might be surprised by how they could come up with head-to-toe outfits you have never thought of out of your wardrobe.

Learn How to Care, Repair, and Resell Old Clothes

Knowing how to really take care of your clothes is the best way to make them last longer. The least you can do is to follow the washing instructions. This is your best bet to retaining your clothes’ beauty and quality.

The same goes for repairing old worn clothes. Finding ways to repair and give new life to your clothes ensures you have enough clothes to wear. This way, there is no need to buy new clothes that you will most likely end up using just a couple of times before throwing.

If there are clothes you no longer want, then you can consider selling them. Thankfully, you have lots of options to choose from when selling old and used clothes. This frees you more space in your closet and gives you more funds to buy new, sustainable clothing.

Be Careful Where You Buy Your Clothes

One budget-friendly way to buy sustainable clothes is in thrift stores. Here, you can find lots of old and sometimes never worn clothes in different styles. You will be amazed by how many great finds there are in second-hand stores.

If second-hand items are not your thing, you can always go for sustainable fashion brands. More companies making and selling clothes are going for sustainable change. From the way they outsource their materials to the way they market their pieces, they are trying to do all these in a sustainable way.

Take TOMS Shoes for instance. The back story behind TOMS’ dedication to helping kids is already remarkable enough. Then, they decided to make their products eco-friendly only made their brand one of the most sought-after fashion companies nowadays.

Embracing a sustainable lifestyle does not have to be expensive. There are ways to make this lifestyle work and still look and feel stylish. By following this list and thinking of other ways to embrace sustainable fashion, it is possible to live a lifestyle with less impact on the planet.

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