Engagement and wedding are the prologues of the journey that you and your partner embark upon together. An engagement ring or wedding ring will be the most precious and unique jewelry that you’ll own. Therefore you want to get everything accurate when it comes to engagement and wedding ring etiquette.

You may have many questions, from who will browse and select the engagement ring to how to wear it properly. We’re here to help you. We’ve curated all the important etiquettes that you should know about your engagement and wedding rings in this article.

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Let’s start with the history.

The Glorious History Of Engagement Rings

The Ancient Egyptians started the tradition of presenting the engagement ring to their partner. In that era, the engagement rings were mostly composed of simple reeds or other plants. They believed a vein on the left ring finger was directly connected to the heart. And therefore, lovers wore simple engagement rings around their left ring fingers.

This beautiful gesture of expressing love was continued by Ancient Romans by upgrading to gold price today bands as engagement rings. The first diamond engagement ring was gifted by Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477 to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. The ring featured a special design.

However, diamond engagement rings started gaining popularity after 1947 when De Beers coined the expression “A Diamond is Forever.” After this, diamond engagement rings emerged as a token of eternal love.

With changing times, the style and design of diamond engagement rings have undergone various modifications. Different parts of the world have adopted various engagement traditions. In the western world, engagement rings are a famous symbol for couples who decide to embark on a beautiful journey together and tie the knot.

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Selecting The Engagement Ring

Now that you know the tradition of presenting the engagement ring. Let’s answer the next big question- Can you, as the bride-to-be, choose or help select the engagement ring? Absolutely!

No rule or tradition restricts the bride from choosing or selecting the engagement ring. It ultimately depends on your individual choice and both of your understanding. In fact, a good percentage of couples prefer to buy diamond ring online together.

If you or your partner aren’t comfortable to do so or feel that it would ruin the essence of surprise, ensure to communicate those feelings. Instead, you can simply show them some diamond ring designs that you like, share styles and settings that you prefer. You and your partner can always go for customized diamond engagement rings online.

Who Pays For The Rings And How Much?

The next obvious question is how much and who should pay for the engagement ring? A diamond ring involves a considerable expense; therefore, you need to decide on a budget before you start searching for the ring.

A traditional norm suggests that a man needs to spend two to three months’ salary on the engagement ring. While that’s a widespread belief, you must only spend depending on your financial condition.

You can make a purchase as exorbitantly as you want. But if buying an expensive engagement ring puts a dent in your future finances, then refrain from making such a lavish purchase. The key notion of the engagement rings is to reflect the love and not how much money is spent on it.

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Traditionally, the groom-to-be pays for the expenses of the engagement ring. But again, there’s no hard and fast rule. In the 21st century, social norms have become much more equitable. You can split the cost of the engagement rings, wedding rings, and the wedding ceremony as well. After all, marriage is about taking responsibility together.

Nowadays, many couples opt for gender-neutral engagement rings for both partners. If you take the same route, then both of you need to purchase a ring for each other. The same applies to wedding rings unless you order a paired set of wedding rings. In such instances, you may want to split the total expense.

What If I Want To Modify The Ring?

First, you need to appreciate the fact that your partner took the initiative, put effort into understanding your style, and designed an engagement ring completely on their own. Unlike shopping for a piece of normal jewelry, buying an engagement ring involves pure emotion and excitement. Give them the credit where it’s due. However, this endeavor can be precarious if you don’t like the ring design or style. So, what do women do?

Try to adapt yourself to the design by wearing it. The ring design may actually grow on you. If you’re not able to do so, try to be honest with your partner.

Begin by explaining how much you love them and appreciate their efforts. Then highlight the specific elements of the ring that you like. After that, give them the reason why some design elements don’t match your personal style.

When you buy diamond ring online, the leading stores mostly give you the option to return, exchange or modify the design. Refrain from completely returning and getting a new ring as that might seem rude and hurt your partner’s feelings.

Lastly, if you aren’t comfortable expressing your issue and are worried you may hurt your partner’s sentiment, it is better to keep it under the wrap. You can always upgrade or modify your ring in the future, maybe on your anniversary or birthday. Ultimately, you’re starting a beautiful journey with the love of your life. That should overcome any ring woes.

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