Essential Skin Care Tips to Follow This Summer

Summer is believed to be the most exciting and fun-filled season. After all, summer is when we go to the beach to soak in the sun and get some vitamin sea. There is something truly magical about summer, however, due to the heat, it’s important to keep your skin protected and safe. The UV rays are harmful and can cause skin health issues such as skin cancer. Therefore, if you want to have an immaculate complexion this summer, here are some skincare tips for you to follow. 

Cleansing is the first step 

Since skin tends to get sweatier in the summer, that means it’s essential to cleanse it thoroughly in the evening especially. If you wear makeup, then using a double cleansing method is recommended. Removing all the traces of dirt, sweat, makeup and sunscreen is the first step toward achieving healthy and glowy skin. 

Hydration is the key 

Skin needs to be hydrated to look fresh and healthy, and aside from drinking water, that means you should step up your skincare game. Hydration boost complex serums with hyaluronic acid are excellent as they act as humectants which makes the skin look hydrated.  

Contrary to popular belief, even oilier and combination skin types need to moisturize their skin properly, however they might also benefit from serums that match their skin type. After the serum, it’s important to apply the moisturizer to lock all the good stuff in. A moisturizer should be lightweight and season-appropriate. Leave heavier creams for cold winter days. 

Sunscreen is a must 

If there’s one cosmetic product to take on a deserted island with you, then it’s surely sunscreen. Your skin needs protection all the time, not only during the summer. However, summer is when your skin needs it the most. So, if you’re unsure which one to go for, then first try to learn important facts about spf protection, and then decide based on these criteria. Also, try to read the reviews, and buy the one suitable for your skin type. Try to use sunscreen that won’t leave a white cast or clog your pores. 

Be careful 

Aside from using all the necessary products and other skincare tips, it’s also critical to keep your skin covered, mainly if you’re going to the beach. For example, a nice straw hat can even be an elegant accessory while protecting your scalp and your face from sunburns. Also, make sure to apply a body sunscreen and cover yourself with a caftan or simply wear a lightly-colored T-shirt of pleasant, breathable fabrics. After the beach (or any prolonged sun exposure), you need to take a shower and apply a nourishing body milk. If you used a tanning lotion, you should also consider checking how to remove fake tan.

Wear less makeup 

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, then you know how hard it is giving up on it due to whatever reason. But summer is the great time to practice this, because, frankly, skin can get a feel trapped under all the layers of products whose role is to strictly cover up imperfections. Therefore, it would be smart to wear less, or even no, makeup during the summer, especially if the temperatures are extremely high. If you want to hide blemishes, then opt for a tinted moisturizer that can also nourish and protect the skin. If you can find a tinted sunscreen, that’s even better. And if not, then complete your makeup routine and add other products more sparingly and cover up with spray sunscreen for a final layer of protection. 


Your skin deserves to look good, especially during the summer. That’s why investing in quality skincare, and protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, are so important. Also, drinking enough water, wearing sunglasses and a straw hat can be of help, mainly if you happen to go to the to beach. If you do this, your skin will look amazing and perfect for an exciting and adventurous summer. 

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