Winter is coming and as we spend more time at home than outside, we feel the desire to stay busy and amuse ourselves to make us happy and keep warm. Added to the various hobbies and interests, try to have fun with an original game, slingo. This game has, actually, become a phenomenon among British players, and with the increase in popularity of smartphones, the online gaming industry is a great center of interest. Slingo is a fusion of 75 ball bingo and traditional slots, that has a strong reputation for providing an impeccable gaming experience through its gameplay and RTP. Comparable with other casino games, this hybrid game’s RTP should be considered as it determines the player’s percentage to be paid back over time.

History of Slingo

In 1996, a businessman from New Jersey, Sal Falciglia Sr had a brilliant idea to invent a new game by mixing two popular games of pure chance; the slot and bingo, and named it slingo. This arcade game was first launched on the American multinational web portal AOL (America Online). In 2005, the Slingo-To-Go, a slingo variant that allows the players to play directly on mobile phones was released by the mobile game developer, Super Happy Fun Fun. The Nintendo DS released a version of Slingo Quest in December 2008 that used the DS’s touch screen by clicking a mouse to match numbers. Since 2015, Slingo options in the UK have significantly increased when the London-based firm Gaming Realms bought the game from RealNetworks, a provider of internet streaming media. Twenty-five years later, slingo has become omnipresent in online gaming sites as well as the best platforms for entertainment.


As slingo is a game of pure chance, there is any level of skill involved in playing this online single and multi-player game. In slingo, the players are required to spin on the slot reel below the grid and any numbers that appear on the 5×5 grid can be marked off. Today, the leading software developers combine this game with interesting stories from simple to enhanced themes emerging the players into the game’s mood. As slingo derives from bingo but has unique aspects and rules, its RTP (Return to Player) pays out as slightly better as other games. In fact, an RTP is a statistical estimation of how much a player can expect to be paid back by the casinos over a certain period of time. For example, when you choose a slingo game with 96% RTP, you will expect to get back 96 percent on your bet so the higher is the game RTP, the better chance you have to keep your stake. It is worth mentioning that Starburst is among the slingo games that come with an incredible RTP of 96.5%.

Best Slingo Games

Different slingo games are available on the bingo websites and some of them have built a solid reputation among aficionados. These titles are often incorporated into the slot games as themes and options including free spins, extra symbols, and even progressive jackpots. Here are the slingo games that have the reputation to be the best among the players.

– Rainbow Riches

Considered as one of the most chosen slingo original games, the Rainbow Riches slingo is an exciting game that allows you to discover Irish fairy tales. This game is taken from Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches in which you have the task to find the kind and generous leprechaun. Rainbow Riches Slingo has interesting gameplay with more lucrative and thrilling features such as wild jokers, Free Spins icons, and various bonus games that increase your chance to win.

– XXXtreme

XXXtreme is probably one of the most exciting slingo games that will transport you to outer space where you have to collect massive gains. The mechanic of this game is a 5×5 grid and one 5-space reel from which you have to release the flaming balls and mark numbers off the grid. XXXtreme is also attractive for its higher prizes that permit you to win up to 1000x your bet. With this well-appreciated slingo, several exciting actions and more winnings are guaranteed.


One of the reasons why people enjoy playing a slingo game is its simple rules requiring no strategy. Unlike other casino games, this relaxing game doesn’t cost an arm and a leg because you can play it for free or for a meager budget. With the iGaming industry’s progression, people have to find the best way to keep entertained and a phenomenon game appreciated in this sector is slingo. This merged game has a large fanbase across the world and despite its rather unusual name, spending a lot of time playing it can be a memorable experience.

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