Everything To Know About Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular games, especially in India. It has a huge fanbase and every age group love to play cricket. Because they are emotionally connected with this game. They play cricket with feelings and of course, India is the house of cricket where everyone loves to cricket a lot.

Indians enjoy cricket as a festival, not only those who play professional cricket even people who only watch this game enjoy it a lot. So, this post will tell you a lot about cricket and of course about how to play fantasy cricket league  as well.

fantasy leagues has its own set of rules that one should take care of while playing cricket. I am pretty sure that you have played it at least once in your life. So, in today’s, post we will talk about Cricket in detail and we will make sure that we share the complete information about this game so that you can get all the genuine information about this game in detail.

Major Cricket Rules

A cricket match must be played between two teams, where each team should have 11 players. Every team can choose their bowlers and batsman by their own choices.

Also, every team should have one skipper who stands at the back of stumps. Apart from these players, there must be one common umpire who shouldn’t favor any of the playing teams.

In a cricket match umpire’s decision must be final and other players should follow that decision. While playing cricket there are two ends, where the first one is of blower’s end and the second one is batsman’s end. Also, the umpire stands at the blower’s end throughout the game so that he/she can keep an eye on every activity of batsman and bowler as well.

These three types of formats are available in a cricket match, where the first one is 50-50. In this format, each team should bat for 50 overs (If their players survive for 50 overs), and each time should bowl 50 overs as well.

Apart from this the second and the most popular cricket format is 20-20 where each time should bat for 20 overs and of course they have to bowl 20 overs to the opponent.

The third one is a test match, in this format, there is no over the limit. The defensive team should bowl until they do not out the whole team or the batting team ends their inning on their own.

In these formats, the test match format is 5 days long. So, usually, it is less popular than the 20-20 or 50-50, however, it is the oldest format of cricket and of course, the new generation does not like it much. But still, it has its own scenario and its own huge fanbase. These three formats have their own tournaments and championship in which the world’s best teams participate and show their talent to represent their country at the international level.

In these countries, India, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan are doing well and they are leading this game for such a long time.

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