An open care senior plan is a whole life insurance policy that gives a fast cash payout so that your family can take care of your final expenses. The service is accessible to anyone and covers between two thousand to fifty thousand US dollars.

The main aim of the open care senior plan is to give your family peace of mind in your old age, as they may not be able to raise emergency funds to cater for your medical bills and burial expenses. However, the insurance has an advantage because the rates remain fixed when you take the cover. Furthermore, the rates become higher if you wait to take the policy at eighty or older. Click here to get more information.

How To Choose and Take an Open Care Senior Plan

When enrolling in an open care senior plan, it is essential to follow the proper procedure. There are three plans to choose from, depending on health, smoking habits, your state, and current condition. You can choose one coverage option or a combination. However, in the worst scenario, you may have no choice but to take the guaranteed life plan.

Term life cover

Term life covers adults between 18-75 years and covers ten, twenty, or thirty years. The rates are about $ 7 per month with a payout of $ 25-$500. Once you apply, approval is done within three to four working days with no medical exams, questions, history checks, or blood tests as requirements.

The Guaranteed Issue Life

The guaranteed issue life plan is a life cover for adults between 25 and 85 years with a monthly premium of $ 9. It offers a lifetime cover with no medical or blood tests required. You will get instant approval after applying, and the payout is from two thousand to twenty-five thousand.

The Final Expense

It is an open care senior plan with lifetime coverage and monthly premiums as low as $7.49. The scheme is available to people from age 18 to 85 years and approval within two to three days from application day. There is a payout ranging from two thousand to fifty thousand U.S dollars with this cover.

You can secure your future with any open care senior plan as long as you qualify and can afford the premiums.

Open Care Senior Plan Pricing

The cost of any open care senior plan depends on age, gender, face amount, and application location. Therefore, it would help to visit your provider’s website or physical location to learn more about the prices. It would also help to compare different providers for the best prices.

In addition, it might be expensive to take open care senior final expenses or a guaranteed plan at one company rather than another. For instance, a seventy-year-old female who wants to secure $10,000 will pay $58 while another of the same age seeking coverage for the same amount will pay $ 52 in a different company.

Why Take Open Care Senior Plan?

There are many benefits to enrolling in an open care senior plan. First, an insurance cover offers permanent protection with fixed premiums and low-cost entry. The full coverage starts from day one, and medical examinations are necessary. The age limit is higher than other policies, and it offers death benefits. Therefore, securing your future with an open care senior plan is a step you cannot regret.

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