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Makkah is a unique city with a rich history and great religious and historical significance among Muslims. Thanks to a large number of pilgrims, some of whom remain in Makkah forever, the city has become one of the most diverse cities in the Muslim world. People who do not profess Islam are prohibited from entering the city and therefore only Muslims are allowed to live, travel and work in Makkah. But for those of you who can still work in Makkah, this city is a great opportunity to make money, and to go into the history of your religion and to become closer to the people.

What kind of people can work in Makkah?

Every year tens and hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come to Makkah to observe certain religious rites, and at that time the city is under enormous pressure in the service sector. So the right people, who can work effectively and help people make their lives easier, are very highly valued. These are available expatriates jobs in Makkah like waiters, cooks, hostesses, baristas, cleaners, drivers, builders, and so on. It is easier to find a job in the service sector in Makkah, as these are the people who are in short supply, especially during religious holidays. Also appreciated are people with higher qualifications – managers, financiers, economists, marketers, accountants who can manage people and finances properly, and make people’s lives easier and more pleasant. During the Hajj, several million people of different nationalities pray together. Every healthy adult Muslim who has the physical and material ability to visit Makkah and provide for his loved ones during the journey must make the Hajj at least once in his life, so it is easy to imagine what happens in the city each time, when this holiday occurs and why Muslims who want to work in Mecca are so demanded and necessary.

What are the wages of those who work in Makkah?

Salaries in Makkah, as in all of Saudi Arabia, are quite high. The average wage in Saudi Arabia in 2021 ranges from $2,000 to $3,000. The minimum wage is $800. A waiter who works in Makkah can earn around $800-$1,000, a bartender and a barista of $1,000. The household assistant’s salary starts at $800. The tour guide gets more than $1,200. The highest salaries are paid by builders, programmers and various professionals. So the builder earns about 3000 dollars a month. A programmer’s salary starts at between $4,000 per month, and an employee working in the oil industry, for example, can earn up to $5,500-$5,700 per month. Here people are highly valued, who are free to work in Makkah. There is also no income tax, and you can earn all your money by spending it on your own and saving for the future.

How to find a job in Makkah?

It is easy to find a job in Makkah on job search websites, including the Layboard website, where you can find the best jobs with favorable terms for cooperation. But if a person has the qualifications and considerable work experience, he can start looking for a job on the websites of large companies in Saudi Arabia, where vacancies are published periodically, and he will be gladly hired. Working in Makkah is an exclusive opportunity to work in the most unusual and mysterious city in the world that practically everyone knows.

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