As parents, at some level, your kids may have been pressurized you to get them a new laptop or tablet. Though every parent wants to fulfil his kids’ wishes, yet this is something that you may think about before doing it. As everyone knows that internet and software accessibility that is available on smart devices nowadays are not very much ideal for youngsters. But it will always be nice to have some parental supervision while satisfying your child’s wishes.

So here is a gift for such concerned parents. This fantastic smart device is EzyChat kids’ phone watch mostly built to solve this dilemma. In Australia, the EzyChat Watch is first 4G smartwatch phone for children 6 to 12 years of age. This beautifully crafted smartwatch features like two-way communication, tracking location, and an emergency SOS button without any of the complications of social media and internet service. This watch technique enables parents to remain stress-free and tension-free about their little one’s activities by staying connected to them 24/7.

Key features-

  • Excellent GPS Tracking – Keeping your little one’s protection in mind here is a child’s smartphone watch that offers you GPS location tracking. All you have to do is attach your phone app with EzyChat watch to access your child’s location in real-time. The geofencing feature enables you to keep your kids within secure borders. As long as your kid breaks the preset safe zone, you will get informed of the situation on your linked device.
  • One-Touch SOS Button- Any bad happening or misfortune does not come by knocking at your door. But the One-Touch SOS Button gives your children the opportunity to warn you instantly if they’re lost or feel any dangerous or severe circumstances. They just need to press the Emergency SOS button for 3 seconds to make that call to the saved phone number and send a message to alert you of a disaster.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode-Keeping school time in mind; the EzyChat watch allows parents to enable or disable not to disturb mode during school hours. But on the first protection motto, the SOS button stays active all the times.
  • StayConnected- EzyChat kids’ phone smartwatch provides SIM cards and Wi-Fi accessibility, so your children are only a phone call away from you. The 4G two-way voice message and calling features to allow you to reach your children at any moment and works best in an emergency or urgent situations. You can save up to 15 phone numbers or connections your kids EzyChat smartwatch.
  • Safety from Digital World – Young children are not wise enough to recognize any internet risks or objectionable content. The EzyChat watch is crafted exclusively for children aged 6 to 12 years, so it does not allow access to social media and the internet.

Why is EzyChat Watch the best choice for your kids?

EzyChat watch is a beautifully designed, affordable watch with a basic interface and simple-to-use built-in camera. It’s a great kids’ phone smartwatch that provides pleasant and useful features for your little ones, such as uploading pictures, adding friends, step counters, digital clocks, reminders, and more. It’s a mix of everything that youngsters love without being hooked up to social media sites and provide guardians with the essential control.

EzyChat watch is on the lookout for your child’s safety, similarly as your child’s well-being is always your top priority. This child’s phone watch aims to protect the kids by removing any possible danger they can encounter in the physical world, or on the Web from harassment, bullying to assault, and child abductions. So, if you’re seeking to invest in the best 4G smartwatch for your kids, or if you’re planning to give it to your loved ones, EzyChat Watch is a perfect product to keep you linked to your children along with protecting them.



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