Facts & Myths about Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings have been in trend for quite some time now! Today, they’re a popular styling accessory in the fashion world because of many fashionable and unique designs.

Loved equally by men and women, tungsten rings are the talk of the town! Irrespective of the fact that these rings have often been categorized as a masculine choice only, nowadays, tungsten rings with sleek designs are on the rise, breaking all odds and creating a buzz throughout the world.

But, what is Tungsten?

Tungsten is also known as wolfram, and it has one of the highest melting points and tensile strength among all metals. The world favors such rings due to their many properties, but with facts come myths too, which have been going around.

Facts and Myths about Tungsten Rings

A few facts that you need to know about tungsten rings are mentioned below:

  1. Tungsten is one of the hardest metals on earth, approximately ten times harder than gold and as hard as a diamond. So, when converted into rings, it serves as a great alternative to gold and diamond rings for even wedding purposes. The reason is simple! The durability of these rings is nearly unbreakable and does not bend out of shape. 
  2. Tungsten rings are naturally silver-grey, but they can be plated in various colors like black and red, black and blue, Celtic and green.
  3. They are scratch-resistant; that is why it is often said tungsten is the only metal with the ‘PERMANENT SHINE.’ 
  4. Sterling silver rings will tarnish over time and require routine polishing; titanium rings develop a blue platina that needs to be cleaned. While stainless steel rings rust with time, in contrast, tungsten rings are very low maintenance in comparison to the other metals.

A few myths you need to know about tungsten rings are mentioned below as well:

  1. Tungsten rings are not only suitable for men! Even women can dawn such rings as they’re readily available in the market and are highly in demand.
  2. Tungsten is not the only element used while making tungsten rings; instead, it comprises a powdered mixture of tungsten and carbon, both known as tungsten carbide.
  3. One of the significant myths revolving around tungsten rings is that both cheap and expensive rings have no difference at all. However, we’re here to debunk this false myth as nickel is used while creating tungsten rings. In contrast, the cheaper alternatives use cobalt instead of nickel, which affects its strength and inability to stain.
  • Tungsten rings are indestructible! No, it is not true, as tungsten carbides with the ability to withstand. 

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