Faith Based Recovery Programs from All In Solutions

Alcohol and drugs are concerning the whole world now. We come across various people losing their lives or suffering from chronic ailments due to these addictions. Of course, there are several rehab centers out there, but they are not up to the mark. Some aspects are always alarming and these are what make it a nightmare for the addicts’ families.

As mentioned above, rehab centers generally skip the most basic aspect that the mental condition of the addict also requires attention alongside the recovery. Are you facing the same problem too? Don’t worry, the All In Solutions counseling center is the perfect destination for these issues.

All In Solutions Rehab Center: 

Located in Florida and New Jersey, the All In Solutions is a phenomenal rehab center for alcohol and drug addictions. This counseling center provides different treatments for the addicts and their families for a complete recovery from addiction and its mental trauma. One such treatment is the faith based recovery program under the guidance of experts. Here is a peek into this program and a lot more from this finest rehab center.

Faith Based Recovery: 

Faith based recovery programs are a significant part of All In Solutions’ treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. These are led by Pastor Dan Cornide, who has decades of experience in the ministry. Pastor Dan also worked for several faith-based organizations. Pastor Dan being a Christian professional, believes and works hard to implement spiritual transformation in his clients.

Pastor Dan is also a member of The Avenue Church of Delray and The Leadership Team of Recovery Church at Delray Beach. Pastor Dan’s phenomenal contribution to the faith based recovery programs of All In Solutions helped several people remarkably as they invited the clients into a better story than the present one. These programs expose the clients at All In Solutions to God’s grace, forgiveness, and love giving them a new ray of hope.

Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab: 

At All In Solutions, every client is offered a faith-based Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The team focusing on this treatment believes in a comprehensive approach for the treatment, based on the physical, bio, social, and spiritual models of the addiction treatment.

  1. Distinctive for the Treatment: 

The faith based recovery program at All In Solutions is a carefully curated treatment based on several aspects. Evidence-based researches suggest that spirituality has a significant role in long-term sobriety. It is highly related to the treatment’s success and achieving a long-lasting transformational change. These principles form the base for the treatments provided at the All In Solutions. This rehab center provides a Christian approach to addiction treatment as per the spiritual practices from the Bible narrative. The team of experts invites the clients to explore this monumental transformative power of a new identity.

  1. Team for the Treatment: 

As mentioned above, All In Solutions focus on the long-term success and transformation of their clients. The faith-based care team consists of a team of experienced spiritual leaders, clinicians, and support staff. The entire team guides every client in developing their network of different resources in the community and establish a connection with the faith of their choosing. The passionate team of experts is the crux behind the success of these faith based recovery programs.

  1. Faith-based Care Curriculum: 

The curriculum for the faith-based care from All In Solutions rehab is designed from evidence-based collections. It consists of individual and group therapy topics for the clients. These topics are intended to help clients in reconnecting with the faith of their choosing along with experiencing phenomenal spiritual transformation. The rehab organizes various sessions for its clients to help improve their independent living, social skills, effective life management skills, and a lot more. These sessions and therapy programs provide the best support for the psychological, spiritual, physical, and social health of the clients.

  1. Faith-Based Components: 

The faith based recovery program from All In Solutions comprises several components as a part of the treatment. The rehab center focuses on the spiritual and overall upliftment of their clients while treating them for the addiction. The following are the components of this faith-based care program:

  • Spiritual events and celebrating recovery
  • Bible studies, prayers, and workshops
  • Recovery Church
  • Community and Local Church services
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Spiritual mentoring and holiday events

The dedicated care team mentioned above ensures that every program enlightens the addicts and gives them hope to get back to their original selves.

  1. Faith-Based Care Program Options: 

The best thing about the All In Solutions rehab center is that it provides several programs for its clients to choose from, based on their preference. The following are the available programs as a part of faith-based care.

  • Day Intensive Outpatient– this program is scheduled in the regular hours for the clients who wish to include the treatment as a part of their day.
  • Evening Intensive Outpatient – this program is designed for those individuals and working adults who have work and other commitments in the day.
  • Individual Counseling – the rehab center provides individual counseling options wherein the clients can take up personal sessions as a part of their treatment.
  • Family Counseling – All In Solutions provides different sessions for the addicts and their family members too. The families of the addicts also have a hard time facing these situations. Such people can enroll for the family counseling sessions and receive the needed help.

Aftercare Program: 

The faith-based recovery from All In Solutions also includes an aftercare program. Relapse is an unfortunate occurrence of addictive behavior. The aftercare program is designed by the Faith-based Care team keeping this in mind to provide continuous support to the clients. This program is intended to strengthen the client’s relationship with the almighty and recovery. A client’s treatment doesn’t end after completing the IOP. In fact, the rehab center continues to support its clients with alumni care programs and full peer support services. All In Solutions is a unique and the best way to cure drug and alcohol addictions incredibly.

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