Fashion trends of spring/summer 2021 for Polish women

Another fashion season is underway. That is a great excuse not only to play with trends but also to analyze your style thoroughly. How can you stand out with this season’s trending outfits and fashion accessories? Check out what will be fashionable in the spring/summer of 2021. Next, you will choose the clothes and accessories that suit you best! Here are the hottest fashion trends of summer 2021 that you cannot ignore.

Spring/summer 2021 trends – what can we see on the catwalk?

Editors and fashion fans are always excited about spring and summer fashion. Usually, it’s full of femininity with so many colors and patterns that it’s hard to ignore.

This time, the designers did not disappoint Polish customers. Interestingly, none of the styles promoted by famous brands can be said to be dominant.

Fashion for the spring/summer 2021 season is a celebration of diversity. Valentino, Dior, and Gabriela Hearst offer hippies. The Row, Thakoon, and Louis Vuitton clothing – basic designs in neutral colors. Victoria Beckham and Acne Studios were convinced with cuts and laces in the 2000s and Loewe for puff sleeves. Jacquemus has created a story about a modern romantic in his collection. Ultimately, Balenciaga crafted a story about a modern fat woman who is willing to experiment with elements straight from the men’s wardrobe.

Summer outfits with elegant colors but no less outstanding.

In women’s fashion for spring and summer 2021, colors, textures and prints will change like in a kaleidoscope. Besides bright and fresh pastels, neon lights, grids, braids, and openwork will be accompanied by smooth chiffon and batik – by vintage flowers.

One day, you might look like Audrey Hepburn in Hubert de Givenchy’s clothes. The other day – like a surfer on a corporate holiday, just to play a ’90s businesswoman. Warm days are a great opportunity to approach fashion with a personality! We recommend that you invest in what is truly worthwhile when shopping at the online stores of the above brands.

The most fashionable clothes and footwear of spring/summer 2021

Dresses with unique designs

Dresses for beautiful Polish ladies in the summer never go out of style. However, designers working for the world’s biggest brands can combine all inspiration and references to the past, add something from themselves and create unique dresses and Trendy. That is the case with today’s most fashionable dresses. It is an expression of great imagination! Sculptural creations that refer to the Victorian style are now more loved than ever by Polish customers.

Double-layer dresses are made of braids and lining, airy maxis completely cover the contours of the body. The frills, stitches, and asymmetrical skillful tailoring will create a uniqueness that attracts everyone’s eyes.

That is a brilliant way to model your body according to fashion trends. On the other hand, they cover small imperfections, create your dream waistline or slim your belly.

Waist skirt with a unique design will create your own aura.

The most fashionable accessory for spring/summer 2021 – platform shoes

Polish ladies will dress up in fashionable high boots in the coming months. In spring and summer, along with chunky sneakers, it will also be modeled more feminine footwear. Such as sandals and ankle boots.

The raised base offers many possibilities – it can be decorated with engraved inscriptions or textures. The highlight of this year’s collection is Molly Goddard flip-flops, in keeping with the ‘ugly shoe’ trend, in colorful, furry, raised flats (called flat).

Spring/summer fashion loves contrasts. If you’re not a fan of platform shoes, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The reason is that the delicate sandals with thin stripes and low heels that fashion brands offer will be a great choice for you.

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Sandal platform will be a great fashion accessory for you in summer 2021

The most fashionable clothes for spring/summer 2021 – lingerie accents

With the highlight of elegant white lace underwear, you will be individual and outstanding. This fascinating trend was also promoted by the Dior brand, on the catwalk showed thin and transparent blouses like dew, with underwear visible underneath. You can wear linen items for accents in an outfit complete with a classic cut. You should take inspiration from Simone Rocha’s show silhouette and wear an off-the-shoulder bralette over an oversized collared shirt.

We have just provided the most detailed information on spring/summer 2021 fashion trends for Polish women. We hope that you will keep up with these trends and create your own unique fashion style. I hope you have a good day.

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