Father-Son Looks

Father and sons share a strong bond and tend to do things the same way. From formal to informal activities, they can match their outfits and might have the same personality. From sleep-ins in boys pyjamas to formal tuxedo wears, father and son matched clothing is a statement on its own. Matched outfits resonate with identity, show love and commitment, and bring out the best in the son. The article explains some of the father-son looks that create a fashion statement.

10 of the Most Sought After Father-Son Looks

Sports Day Out

Men are generally Sporty, with weekends set aside to quench their gaming thirst. Be it football, baseball, hockey, rugby or horse racing, father and son can put on identical t-shirts or shirts. It creates identity, especially to the son and can be a trigger to exploit their talent.

Events Wear

When stepping out for the kids’ festival, the father can wear a matching T-shirt and boots. The aim is to support the son, a statement that boosts the son’s self-esteem. The father might not necessarily wear identical top-to-bottom, but the t-shirt has to be the same.

Colour Theme

Blue, whether light or dark, is a manly colour. As a father, ensure that your son has a similar cloth colour, and if possible, the same design. Such clothes are ideal for official events, family gatherings and social events like weddings. The same concept applies to unique clothes such as boys pyjamas and swimming costumes. Other colours that can work well with identical father-boy fashion is brown, black and green.

Boys Day-Out Attires

Once in a while, the father can choose to wear clothes made from kids design. From t-shirt, shorts, bag packs and coloured glasses, a father dressing like his son is exciting. They can also choose to wear cargo pants with matching boots. They can also play the same games, eat the same food with no parent-child rules applied.

Sunday Best

A full suit works the magic for both father and son. A black suit and bow tie, with a white shirt are the most common colours. Brown, dark blue and grey are also good colours for a Sunday best suit. If you’re looking for the best suits for you and your kid, you can check out Vercini men’s suits.

Cold Weather Attire

Identical cold weather attires can also make a fashion statement. Coupling it with look-alike gumboots sums up the identity.

Vacation Shirts

When going on a vacation, floral, loose and button-up shirts are the best. While the girls wear identical dresses, father and son can match the shirts and shorts.

Leather Jackets

Traditionally meant for older people, fathers buy the smaller ones for their sons. They are not only classy but also introduces the son to grown-up clothes.


They are incredible, attractive and pushes a fashion statement admissible to all generations. Father and son can wear identical suspenders with suits to special family occasions.


When it is the son’s birthday, the father can paint their face to identify with their sons.

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