Favourite Sensory Toys & Gifts for 5-year-old boys

Sensory toys help stimulate the 5 senses of the human body – sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. These toys often use contrasting/bright colours, sounds and textures to engage a child’s senses. For younger children, the use of sensory toys could aid their cognitive development and reduce stress. Experiencing various sensations is essential for the proper functioning and development of the body and the brain. Younger boys tend to be hyperactive and at times, aggressive. Sensory toys play a role in calming them down, making them one of the best gifts for 5-year-old boys. It is also interesting to note that sensory toys can be highly beneficial to kids on the autistic spectrum. These toys help a child with autism to relax and focus better. Kids with ADHD may also find some relief in playing with these toys. Some gift ideas for 5-year-old boys to help them engage with their senses more enjoyably are-

Slime or Putty

These toys are one of the best presents for a 5-year-old boy. Apart from allowing children to express their creativity, they also safely enhance and develop their motor skills. The visual senses of the children are stimulated due to the bright colours of slime or putty while the different textures of the substance stimulate their sense of touch. Furthermore, putty provides a lot of proprioceptive input. Efforts are now being made to reduce the number of harmful chemicals in these toys and replace them with more natural substances.

Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners were all the rage a few years ago, but it is as useful as it is attractive. These toys can help young boys stay focused by keeping their hands busy. They are great for children who suffer from attention deficit disorders. The fast rotation of the spinners along with their elegant designs make them extremely appealing and enjoyable. The designs on the spinners are customizable and can incorporate flashy lights or images of superheroes. These toys are also portable and convenient to carry around. Hence, fidget spinners are one of the best toys for 5-year-old boys.

Dinosavours are the favorite toys for most boys. Your children will enjoy hours of imaginative play with dinosaur toys. All dinosavour toys are specially crafted with child safety in mind.

Dinosaurs feature nice detailing making them perfect for educational displays or in everyday play.

Mini Trampoline

These are by far the best birthday gifts for 5-year-old boys. Jumping on a trampoline is extremely enjoyable and this toy has become a staple in many households. A mini trampoline doesn’t occupy too much space within the house and is also a cost-effective purchase. Jumping on a trampoline for even 5 minutes can elevate a child’s mood and calm them down, providing them with an effective stress reliever.

Balance Beam

Balance beams engage several senses at the same time. There would be significant brain activity taking place when a child tries to figure out how to take their next step. Balance beams also enable children to gain a perception of weight distribution and body balance. Therefore, they make the list of best presents for a 5-year-old boy.

There are several other unique gift ideas for 5-year-old boys that combine enjoyment with development. These include ball, sand pits, vibrating boards and spinning tops.

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