Features And Benefits of Polymer Clay

One might have come across various artefacts, jewellery, and sculptures in markets. These items use clay as their primary ingredient, and polymer clay in Australia is sold highly for individuals looking to create these products. One can observe an increase in sales of Polymer Clay of about 2.6 per cent post-pandemic in Australia. There are a plethora of features of this material. It also offers a wide range of benefits to its users. While many individuals might not be aware of these characteristics and advantages, they might still use these products. As such, the application range is vast in the industry. Thus, this article will focus on explaining the features and benefits of this material.

Features of Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay is used highly for its versatile nature and ability to transform with ease. As mentioned earlier, this material has excellent features preferred by a plethora of its users. Here are some of the features.

i) Non-toxic – First and foremost, polymer clay is a non-toxic material. Individuals can rest assured that they will not face adverse consequences by using this material. While many people today opt for toxic materials like lead and mercury, polymer clay is entirely safe. This feature makes it one of the preferable products in the industry.

ii) Plastic-based – Another feature of this material is that it’s plastic-based. While many individuals might debate that plastic-based products are harmful, research suggests that composite particles can be applied highly for processes like water purifications. In such instances, one can rest assured that this material is highly safe. They need not concern themselves with the adverse consequences of using or possessing polymer clay.

iii) Mixed Compound – Polymer Clay is an artificial, plastic-based alternative. It involves using PVC, fillers, artificial colours, resins, and of course, polymers. This fact gives users the creative freedom to experiment with the material as they please. One can observe this in the form of the versatile range of applications this compound delivers.

iv) Aesthetic – Finally, products created using polymer clay are aesthetically pleasing. They can simulate various other materials like precious stones, wood, porcelain, and glass. In such instances, individuals prefer using these components highly today.

Benefits of Polymer Clay

When thinking of buying polymer clay in Australia, individuals often think about the benefits of this material. The benefits allow them to understand the various ways in which they are viable today. Here are some of the benefits of this material.

i) Versatile – Firstly, plastic-based polymer clay is an excellently versatile material. Individuals can create a plethora of instruments using this material. Professionals often create sculptures, jewellery, and home decor using Polymer clay. As mentioned earlier, one can observe an increase in the sales of Polymer clay of about 2.6% in Australia. This fact is attributed highly to individuals understanding the benefits and versatile nature of this material. This fact also facilitates a wide range of applications for users of such material. Many students also use this material for their experiments in schools and colleges.

ii) Easy-to-use – Another excellent benefit of Polymer clay is, it’s simple to use. Individuals do not require any theoretical knowledge on using polymer clay before getting their hands dirty.

iii) Pliable – Finally, polymer clay is highly flexible. Individuals prefer this material for how easy to bend it is. Professionals understand the pliable nature and use it for techniques like glass-making, ceramics, textiles, etc.

In conclusion, polymer clay in Australia is preferred highly for the reasons mentioned above. The features combined with the benefits of the compound make it an excellent material for today’s use. Professionals along with amateurs enjoy the benefits of Polymer Clay. Thus, they’re excellent non-toxic alternatives to use today.

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