Any Books-Novels& stories, your mobile library is an ebook reading application. In this app, there are multiple features to read ebooks easily. The users can customize their reading style in this app. They can read the books online and download them for offline reading. The bookmarks feature to highlight favorite ebooks, paragraphs, and quotes are available in this app. It is a mobile phone app, but you can also download AnyBooks-Novels& stories on PC.

Features of AnyBooks-Novels & stories


As technology progress, the world shifted from classic to digital. Nowadays, everything is based on advanced technology. In the old days, people went to libraries to read books.. But now the books are available in ebooks format. If you are a lover of book reading and want to read novels, stories, ebooks,  and fiction, then you do not need to worry because all the facilities are available in an app called AnyBooks.

AnyBooks is an application for studying ebooks, fiction, novels, and stories, etc. In this book downloader, you can read any book online, and also you can download books for later reading. This app is like an online library containing multiple books of different categories. This app has multiple features. We discuss its features in detail.

Features of AnyBooks –Novels&stories, your mobile library

Multiple ebooks

In this studying app, there are multiple ebooks available for readers. In this app, the users can browse any book and read it.  We can say that it contains a huge library of ebooks. You can read the ebooks online, and also you can download these ebooks from this app.

Features of AnyBooks-Novels & stories

Multiple languages

AnyBooks does not only contains English ebooks but also contain books in other languages like Portuguese and Spanish etc.  So the users can read the books in their language. This feature of AnyBooks makes it more popular among world ebooks readers.

Build your library

In this app, the users can download ebooks and build their libraries. They can add favorite ebooks to their library and read them offline. In this way, it will be easier for readers to read their favorite ebooks.

Features of AnyBooks-Novels & stories

Multiple categories

In this app, the ebooks of multiple categories can be browsed. It contains ebooks like novels, fiction,  stories, science, sports,  love stories,  academia, biographies, etc. So this app is full of ebooks of different styles.  The users can read and download their favorite books in their favorite style.

Built-in Dictionary

AnyBooks has a built-in dictionary. This build-in dictionary helps the readers measure their English vocabulary, and also it helps users improve their grammar. In this way, it helps the readers to improve their academic grades.

Features of AnyBooks-Novels & stories

Bookmarks Features

In the AnyBooks reading app, there are bookmarks features. The users can add bookmarks to their favorite books, and it will easy for readers to navigate the favorite books again and again. During reading the ebooks, when any paragraph or quote inspires the reader, then the reader can also bookmark these paragraphs and quotes. They can found their loved ebooks, paragraphs, and quotes easily.

Customize Reading

This app has the feature of customizing reading. The users can customize the way of their reading. They can customize the brightness, font size, background mode,  night book,  bookmarks, etc. So in this way, they can choose their reading style.

Features of AnyBooks-Novels & stories

Sync your ebooks

AnyBooks-Novel &stories your mobile library offers a syncing feature to its users. In this way, the users can sync their ebooks. It means when a reader read an ebook in this app today, and he read a portion of the ebook, and in the next day, when the reader starts reading the ebook, he can sync the ebook from where he left yesterday. This feature helps the users a lot and saves them time.

Download and read offline

In this app, the users can browse any book and read it online. It uses Wi-Fi or a data plan, but the users can also download books and save them into their mobile phone or PC storage.  They can read these books offline at any time and any place.

Features of AnyBooks-Novels & stories

Benefits to using AnyBooks-Novels & stories, your mobile library on PC

The AnyBooks is a mobile phone application used to read ebooks. But there are many advantages to use this app on a PC.

  1. The mobile phone has a small screen, but the PC has a big screen. The big-screen helps the users to read ebooks easily.
  2. The mobile phone has limited storage capacity, so its system may be hanged due to the app’s installation. But the PC has a big storage capacity. So it is better to download this app on a PC.

How to Download AnyBooks-Novels&stories, your mobile library on PC?

In the above paragraph, we discussed that it is more beneficial to download AnyBooks on PC than mobile. Most people do not know that how to download this app on a PC. We solve the problem of people in this article. We guide you on how to download this app on a PC. You do not need to worry about this because it is an easy and simple method to download AnyBooks on a PC. You just have to download an android emulator for this purpose. Some emulators are dangerous, and some are good for your PC system. The best android emulator is LDPlayer.

Introduction to LDPlayer

We discussed that LDPlayer is the best android emulator among all available emulators. Now we introduce LDPlayer. LDPlayer is just like other android emulators, and its function is also the same as other emulators. But in this emulator, certain unique features make it the best android emulator. It has 3D graphics and supports up to Android version 7. LDPlayer has some beneficial settings that help users. We recommend all AnyBooks-Novels& stories, your mobile library users to download this app on PC. You will enjoy ebooks on PC.

Features of AnyBooks-Novels & stories

How to download LDPlayer?

LDPlayer android emulator has a very simple downloading method and does not require special skills. You just need to follow our suggested steps to download LDPlayer.

  1. Visit the official website of LDPlayer and avoid a third-party website.
  2. On its website, click on the LDPlayer android emulator.
  3. Tap on the download button.
  4. Install this software on your PC or laptop.
  5. Launch LDPlayer after installation. Download and use favorite apps or games on your PC and enjoy them.

Features of AnyBooks-Novels & stories

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