Features of HUAWEI sound

If you are looking at buying a wireless speaker Huawei may not be the first brand name that you would immediately think of. But this HUAWEI sound wireless speaker has some pretty cool technology behind it. So let’s find out all the features and specifications of HUAWEI sound. There are four speakers inside this wireless speaker plus two passive units.

Design and build quality

This is not a very large speaker the size of it is very similar to a lot of the other wireless speakers available in the market. But it is slightly smaller than the previous Huawei sun x speaker. But having said that it is pretty heavy. The weight of the speaker is about 2.2 kg. But this is good because heavy speakers are always better.

The top half of the speaker has a polycarbonate casing on it. So you can call it to feel slightly press sticky if you use the finger to tap on it. But it does have a very beautiful very shiny paint job on it. Which does give it a pretty nice and premium feeling.   

At the top of the speaker, there is a multi-button control panel as well as an RGB color display to display the status of the speaker. At the bottom half of the unit, there are three book full-range speakers.

Those are evenly spaced from each other. So that means at every 120 degrees there is one of that full-range speaker so the idea is that all these three speakers together can give you a 360 degree sound. No matter where you are sitting or standing you should still be able to hear good audio coming out from this HUAWEI sound wireless speaker.

Smart device connection

In terms of connecting your smart device to this HUAWEI sound, there are multiple ways that you can do that but I think the best way is if you install the Huawei AI life app. The Huawei AI life app is the application from Huawei to control all the iot products from Huawei.


In terms of actually controlling and using the speaker. Apart from using the Huawei AI life app, there are also 4 buttons at top of the speaker. This is usually not visible but you just need to place your hand near the top of the speaker and then you see all the buttons light up.

So there is one for increasing the audio level (volume up) and one for decreasing the audio (volume down). Also when you adjust the volume of the speaker you will see there is a blue ring surrounding those buttons. There is a button to mute the speaker and the last button is for multifunction.

There is another cool feature of NFC through which you can immediately connect your music with the Huawei sound speaker.

Audio Quality

Let’s talk about how loud this speaker is? The official figure from Huawei is that the maximum loudness of this speaker is 90 decibel SPL. So 90 db is definitely pretty loud. It is not loud enough for big parties and if you invite all your neighborhood or all your school or all your colleagues.

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