Feel Like You've Lost Your Faith in God? 4 Tips to Find Restoration

It’s easy to fall prey to second thoughts in all areas of our life. Struggles through life are common, after all, and it’s easy for even the most confident of people to shake loose from their convictions.

This happens even with the most spiritual of people. You yourself might feel as if you’ve become overwhelmed by life and lost your faith in God. This can be an incredibly difficult time and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Seeking a reunion with God and his will can take time, and you need to give yourself the room and the patience to do so properly. What are some steps you can take to reconnect with His glory? Read on, and we’ll walk you through a few major ideas.

  1. Forgive Yourself

It can take a lot of time to even admit to yourself that you’ve lost faith in what you once held to be true. This isn’t a switch that turns on and off instantly in most situations; it’s something that struggles and fades.

By the time you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve lost your faith, it can be difficult to grasp. There’s a lot of emotional baggage that comes with this realization. You likely want to have faith in God but can’t seem to.

You may be carrying a lot of guilt. You haven’t tried hard enough to find God, you might think. You haven’t done the work of strengthening your faith. You’ve fallen prey to other things.

You can’t reconnect with God in this sort of mindset. It will be too difficult. The first thing that you need to do is forgive yourself for the feelings and experience you’re having.

Remember that you’re not alone: a great many people experience a loss of faith. It’s okay, and perhaps even healthy, to work through your doubts.

If this is where you’ve landed in your mind, you’ve done so naturally. It’s not your fault, and it’s not for lack of trying. You need to take the time to forgive yourself and allow these feelings before searching for a new start.

Doing so will help pave a new path and let you start over fresh more easily. The last thing you want is to attempt to reconnect with your faith with a lot of baggage hanging over you.

  1. Communication is Key

What’s the most important element of any healthy relationship? Communication, according to various studies over many years. While these studies aren’t talking about God, their conclusion holds true when it comes to your faith as well.

You can’t hope to have a stronger relationship with God if you don’t attempt to talk and engage with Him. It takes a little effort to build a relationship.

This might be easier said than done based on where you are at the current moment with your feelings. The last thing you might feel as if you want to do is to talk to God.

However, see what it feels like to just force it. Go through the motions, test the waters, and don’t overthink it. Take some time out of your day to sit in quiet and speak with him.

While it may be difficult at first, you might find that just getting into the practice helps to reopen your relationship with Him. The more you speak to God, the more you might find that He answers in simple ways.

You don’t have to say anything specific to Him, you could just talk about your day. You could talk of simple things. This talking can do you good.

  1. Study the Scriptures

The Bible isn’t just there for light reading. It’s there as a form of guidance, for those who are searching and those who are lost.

If you’re struggling to have faith in God, it can help to get familiar with some of the scriptures on faith in God. It can be helpful to remember that you are not alone in this experience.

Throughout all of human history, even the most mighty of God’s soldiers have struggled in their faith. They have lost hope and lost belief. They have. wandered in the desert and lost their way. But they all have found God again, and we know this because the scripture tells us so.

Reading through these stories in the Bible can help to give us the context that we need for our own struggles.

You can set aside time to do daily readings and get familiar with what information the Bible has to share with you. You might find that even stories and passages you have read before take on new meaning in light of your current struggle.

You can check out these tips for more on how to get the most out of your reading. There are many verses about faith in God that you might find helpful to you during this difficult time.

  1. Connect With Life

Sometimes, it doesn’t require attempting to connect with God directly to find him. You might actually find it easier to reconnect with God in places where you might not expect him.

Commit yourself to activities that you enjoy. Spend time around people that you love. Care for them and allow yourself to be cared for. Eat meals that you like, spend time in nature, and allow yourself quiet time to look at the world and listen.

You might find in the midst of all of these activities that your connection with God is beginning to be restored.

While direct action might breed results, connecting with the world that God has created might be able to do the trick as well.

Restoring Faith in God

If you’ve lost your faith in God sometime in the recent past, it’s easy to feel both lost and adrift. However, you don’t have to suffer. You can attempt to reconnect with God and bring that holy light back into your life.

The above steps and practices can help bring you closer to God and strengthen your waining faith. Need more spiritual advice and information? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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