vegan crossbody

Crossbody handbags are an everyday accessory for individuals going to work, running errands, going out to dinner, and everything in between. Finding the perfect handbag for the perfect price can be a challenge. There are hundreds of vegan handbag brands from the United States and Thailand, but some companies and designs certainly stand out.


Borboleta, founded by CEO and designer, Veronica Race, is a vegan handbag company that specializes in bags for women on-the-go with a special mission. Borboleta contributes to the education and well-being of disadvantaged students in Thailand. Every purchase made to Borboleta contributes to the Ocean of Wisdom Foundation that provides food and educational programs and materials to over 2,000 students in Thailand. Their vegan leather is cruelty-free and PETA-approved–two big selling points for the company. The look of the bags is not hindered by the vegan leather, but enhanced. They are easy to clean, waterproof, and durable in addition to being ethically produced by local artisans. The crossbody bags are lined with tasteful floral patterns and finished with magnetic clasps and luxurious zipper pulls. “Borboleta” translates to “butterfly” in Potuguese, as hinted at by the signature hardware that features two letter Bs in the shape of a butterfly. Borboleta crossbody bags ( กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง ) showcase removable and adjustable straps to accommodate any customer. There are shoulder straps that can be adjusted to transform the crossbody bags into purses. Priced between roughly $15 (US dollars) and $180 (US dollars), the vegan crossbodies from Borboleta are reasonably priced to fit all lifestyle needs.

Similar to Borboleta, other handbag companies in Thailand work with local artisans. VT Thai, for example, is a Thailand-based company that uses traditional weaving completed by local artisans to create their handbags. Furthermore, VT Thai uses locally sourced materials, such as rattan, seagrass, and bamboo. While using the materials that are found in nature, the design possibilities can range from traditional patterns with geometric and line designs to patterns with a more modern flare. Some customers may be enthralled with the natural materials and traditional techniques used for these handbags, making them standout among other companies that may not use those more traditional techniques anymore.

GUNAS, a vegan handbag company started in New York, USA, has a similar commitment to creating fashionable accessories while remaining cruelty free. GUNAS is also PETA-approved and states to ethically produce their products. They have a variety of styles, such as crossbody bags, tote bags, clutches, wallets, and laptop bags. Their crossbody bags feature bright color combinations of three with a wide shoulder strap. Their 22 Karat gold plated brass hardware certainly bumps the price up a bit when compared to the average price that Borboleta was selling their vegan leather crossbodies at approximately $200 (US dollars) a piece for a GUNAS handbag. Their website discusses many celebrities who have shopped with GUNAS, some of whom inspired additional designs and products.

Another USA based PETA-approved, vegan crossbody company is Pixie Mood. Not only do they use vegan leather, but they are committed to additional enviornmental concerns, such as using recycled plastic bottles in the linings of the bags and 100% plant-based packages for their products. Their handbags come in various shades of browns, blues, and blacks. The crossbody bags are between $50 (US dollars) and $110 (US dollars), putting these products right in the middle of the other vegan crossbody companies discussed. The smooth and luxurious appearance of the vegan leather against the gold and silver hardware with a small Pixie Mood logo, gives these bags a high-end look and feel.

There is an abundance of vegan leather crossbodies available from companies based all over the world. Some buyers appreciate the purpose of buying cruelty free products, as emphasized by the wide growth of vegan products made readily available over the past few years. Finding a crossbody with the perfect finishing touches can be done in store or online with a simple search!

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