Don't forget to close your eyes

Wedding preparations consist of choosing the venue, inviting guests and selecting appropriate outfits. Therefore, it is very difficult to ignore how important the first kiss is and what it will be in the works of professional photography for weddings.

Pay attention to the frames from the photo album and you will notice that all young couples have a wedding photography kiss. It seems to be not too important moment in the process of preparation, but in fact – it is the main manifestation of feelings, despite the excitement and some impatience.

How to have the perfect first kiss photo

The importance of the first kiss is often overlooked, because few people know what to say about this reverent moment. There is no guide that prepares newlyweds for it, but you’ll have to put in a little effort and read Vanilla Brides tips to create beautiful shots.

Tip #1: Determine the frame of the future photo

The perfect shot doesn’t line up as easily as it may seem. Talk to the ceremony presenter so he can step out in time for the shoot and leave you alone. A detailed description of the steps will give you the best results.

Tip #2: Practice

The romantic wedding kiss practice will not only help you create that picture, but also help you get closer to your partner. It is easy to forget how dear you are to each other in the pursuit of the perfect evening.

Tip #3: Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact will allow you to forget about the people around you and focus on your wedding ceremony first kiss ideas. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by the views of parents or young guests, who can be confusing at the crucial moment.

Tip #4: Touch your loved one

Gentle touches have a positive effect on results. The support of a loved one will help you relax and achieve the desired result. Remember that pretentious poses in this case will be inappropriate, so put your hands on your partner’s waist or shoulders.

Touch your loved one

Tip #5: Move slowly

Some slowness will be beneficial and the photographer will be able to capture that very moment. In addition, you’ll be able to gather your thoughts and calm down under the gaze of family and friends.

Tip #6: Think of several photographers

There is no way to repeat the first kiss on wedding day, so try to get a result at once. To do this, you can bring in photographers with assistants who will take several shots, but from different angles.

Tip #7: Count to 10

A too quick kiss can affect the quality of the photos that are taken. Don’t rush to finish, because the photographer needs some time for a beautiful shot. Do not be afraid: such behavior will not embarrass your guests.

Tip #8: Try not to overdo it

It is better to leave the passionate kissing for another time, but for now, a light touch is enough. You don’t have to put too much effort into it, since you’ve been practicing in the lead-up to your wedding day.

Tip #9: Don’t forget to close your eyes

The shot that will be taken during the realization of perfect first kiss ideas may not be successful because you have your eyes open. Relax and don’t worry about your look, because some sloppiness will be quite helpful.

Don't forget to close your eyes

Tip #10: Add a few small kisses

Create as many moments for a beautiful shot as you can while you have the chance. Don’t rush to accept congratulations, because there simply won’t be a second attempt.

What can ruin the first kiss wedding photo?

Neglecting the practice will negatively affect the result, so take the time to do it. Discussing the little things that affect your family photo album should be one of the main topics. Ask questions to the photographer and clarify how long it takes to have a successful first kiss wedding photo.

The excitement and tension will be less noticeable if you take the time to practice. It is much easier to repeat what you have been practicing during the week than it is to make up a perfect new scenario on the fly.

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