Five benefits of buying your engagement ring from Dubai

The engagement ring is a timeless symbol of your love. Something your partner will remember for life. The goal is to get an engagement ring that you can afford but still filled with precious stones and diamonds.

The first thing you should do is buy the perfect diamond for your wife or girlfriend. It would help if you didn’t go into buying a diamond ring blindly because there are things you need to know before making the purchase:

  • Know the four C’s, which are the criteria when buying engagement rings. They include color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.
  • The higher the karat of your diamond ring is, the more expensive it will be.
  • If you do not know much about diamonds, then it would be best to go for one that has a high clarity factor.
  • Make sure your diamond ring has a certificate to prove you are buying an actual diamond and not a piece of cubic zirconia or glass. Since there are many imitation diamonds in the market, you should be very keen when choosing one.

Remember that you are spending money on something that she will wear for the rest of her life, making this purchase worthwhile and highly valuable.

And now, let’s have a look at some benefits of buying your engagement ring from Dubai.

Certified diamonds and jewels:

One of the most significant benefits of buying an engagement ring from Dubai is that the diamonds are certified by GIA and AGS. Dubai is the best place to purchase authentic jewelry. These certificates prove that you are getting the genuine product for the price that you are paying. The diamonds in Dubai are sealed in containers. These seals also contain a label that shows the purity standard of the diamond.

Choose from a wide variety of designs:

Dubai is the largest jewelry marketplace in the world. You will often find designs or styles you cannot find elsewhere. There are so many options that you are sure to find something that suits your requirements. 

Affordable prices:

If you want an expensive diamond ring but don’t have the budget, you need to do some research and ask around. You can get a nice diamond ring for a fraction of the price if you only know where to look. Engagement rings from Dubai are one of your options. It’s known worldwide for having many reliable shops that sell genuine engagement rings at discounted prices compared to other countries.

Due to the geographical aspect of Dubai, it doesn’t cost much to ship the jewels here. And there are tax exemptions as well. You only get to pay 5% VAT tax, but your ring would still cost considerably lower than any other country. You can also reclaim this tax at the UAE airport. Plus, the import duty is very low.

Shop online:

You do not have to travel to Dubai to make your purchase. Many big brands and diamond jewelry stores have launched their websites. You can make an order and get your ring safely delivered to your doorstep. Most of these stores have diamond ring designers who will work with you to help you create a custom design. You can get diamond rings from online stores at discounted prices because they deal with wholesalers.    

Bargaining is easier:

Bargaining is easier in Dubai than in other countries. It is because there is a lot of competition. If one seller doesn’t offer you the discount, the next one probably would. 

You can look at engagement rings in two different ways. You can buy simple diamond rings or go for exquisite engagement rings that come with many bling-bling diamonds. However, it is essential to know where the ring came from and how much it costs to determine its value.

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