Five Benefits of Fitness Equipment in a Correctional Facility

Fitness Equipment Helps Inmates Manage Their Stress

This is probably an obvious statement, but prison is quite a high-stress environment due to a variety of factors. This high amount of stress can make inmates more irritable and can even lead to a more dangerous environment for prison employees. As a result of this, it is best to provide inmates with a method of reducing their stress.

Prison fitness equipment is one way of doing this and it can help lower inmates’ stress levels since cardiovascular fitness is a proven way of managing the stress levels of inmates. This stress management can make the prison a safer place for both inmates and prison staff.

Fitness Equipment Improves the Mental Health of Inmates

In addition to all the physical tools a prison can take on inmates, it can also take a significant toll on the mental health of inmates, as well. Inmates who have poor mental health are more likely to be aggressive. Studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on one’s mental health. Due to this fact, it is a good idea to provide inmates with fitness equipment so that they can improve their mental health in a positive and safe way. Better mental health for inmates also contributes to a safer environment in a correctional facility.

Fitness Equipment Lets Inmates Express Themselves

Another important factor in decreasing aggression and stress in inmates is allowing them to express themselves. Fitness equipment does just that. With fitness equipment, inmates can express themselves verbally, emotionally, and physically, which means that their stress levels are lower. Additionally, as a result of being able to express themselves using the fitness equipment, inmates are also less likely to take out negative emotions on fellow inmates or prison staff members. Once again, fitness equipment can help protect inmates and prison staff.

Fitness Equipment Reduces Aggression in Inmates

As we have previously mentioned, one of the benefits of fitness equipment in a correctional facility is that it reduces aggression in inmates. There have been concerns over the years that exercise, specific weightlifting, would actually make inmates more dangerous because they will be stronger and able to overwhelm guards or harm society after they are released. However, the evidence does not support these fears. In fact, the research found that weightlifting significantly decreases measures of anger, hostility, and verbal aggression in inmates who participate in it. One possible reason for this is that weightlifting helps inmates improve their self-esteem.

Fitness Equipment Helps Inmates Create a Sense of Community

One more thing that can contribute to an inmate’s stress level in a correctional facility is the fact that they might find it challenging to connect with other inmates. Without such connections, inmates are much more likely to experience higher levels of stress. However, fitness equipment can allow inmates to create a sense of community and connect with one another. Inmates gathering around this equipment gives them the opportunity to get to know one another and form meaningful personal connections. This can also significantly improve the mental health of inmates.

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