Five Easy Ways to Repair Cracked Concrete Patio

Cracks in surfaces, especially in concrete patios can impact the way your home looks. It is unsightly. Cracks also give weeds a space to thrive. It can also cause tripping accidents. These are the reasons why most concrete company Miami FL advise their clients to fix concrete cracks as soon as possible. As my concrete contractor friend once said – concrete cracks don’t heal on their own but can spread rather quickly.

What should you do once you notice a crack in your concrete patio? Should you call a concrete patio contractor immediately and hire a concrete company to fix it? Here are three easy steps to repair a cracked concrete patio.

Cover It

Covering or resurfacing concrete cracks is a simple remedy that you can do. This is provided that the crack is small and shallow. However, if you are noticing several small cracks in your concrete patio, you must reconsider this option. If the reason for the cracks is moving soil under the concrete patio, covering or resurfacing won’t do.

To cover small concrete cracks, prepare your concrete mixture and apply it to the cracked area. Clean the cracked area before pouring the new one.

Patch It

For small concrete cracks, patching is another easy way to repair them. Patching involves removing a part of the concrete slab that has a crack. In this case, you don’t have to remove and replace the whole concrete slab – just the one that needs repair. The damaged part is cut with a crowbar. Before replacing it, the soil where the cracked concrete is also repacked. This ensures the durability of the ground where the new concrete will be placed.

Adding Veneer

Have you heard the word ‘veneer’ before? From your dentist perhaps! The idea is the same though – veneer is a technique used by a dentist to repair a cracked tooth and in construction, concrete contractors use it to repair cracked concrete surfaces.

Veneering in concrete involves drilling holes around the cracked area then pouring it with mortar mix. Use the mortar mix to cover the surface and make sure to smoothen it out. Leave it to dry just like you do when curing newly poured concrete.

For bigger cracks, extensive veneering is highly recommended.  However, it is best to leave such a job to a concrete contractor for best results.

Concrete Jacking

This repair option should be done by a concrete patio contractor. Contact your concrete company in Miami FL if you will be needing concrete jacking.

Concrete jacking is done for a more serious concrete crack problem. It means the cracked concrete has sunk. The entire slab needs to be replaced in this case. In addition to replacing it, your concrete contractor must also assess your patio and how the soil under the concrete floor is holding. If the ground is shifting or moving, replacing a slab might not work, and that you will need to relocate your concrete patio somewhere in your yard.

Use Commercial Concrete Repair Products

For small cracks on your concrete patio, you can use commercially available concrete repair products. You can ask your concrete patio contractor for their best recommendation.

These products won’t just fix concrete cracks, it can also give your concrete surface a refinished look, shiny and smooth. Commercially available concrete products are sold as dry cement, easy to install, and with instant results. It only takes up to 8 hours and you can start walking on your patio again.

Concrete Patio Care and Maintenance

Why worry about cracked concrete patios when you can easily avoid such by giving your concrete regular maintenance. Don’t use de-icers or ice-melt machines that can harm your concrete patio. If you will manually scrape ice on your patio with a snow shovel, be careful with its metal tips. The tips can scratch and damage your concrete surface easily. Better yet, just use a broomstick to remove snow or just let it dry naturally.

If you can afford to have a roof on your patio, do so. The roof will protect your concrete patio from snow and rain and extreme heat. Such weather conditions can weaken your concrete in the long run. If you are planning to add a fireplace on your patio, it should be elevated. Avoid installing a fire pit on the ground as the heat can also damage your concrete.

Lastly, make it a habit to keep your patio clean and dry all the time. Sweep as often as you can and if a part gets wet, clean and let it dry immediately. Remember to call your concrete company in Miami FL to repair big concrete cracks or call them for suggestions in terms of repair options to use.

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