Are you fed up with searching for new and anonymous file-sharing platforms? If so, this is the right place to be. File sharing has evolved from the age of file size restrictions to the complete services we see today. 

Platforms such as the cloud may not be convenient for sharing sensitive data. This raises the need for secure means free from third-party interception. Therefore, you need to be wary of the tools you use to Send Large Files and ensure your data is protected.

5 Cost-free Incognito File Exchange Platforms

Online anonymity has many advantages like freedom of speech and control over your data online. Did you know free file-sharing platforms utilize encrypted technology where shared information is usually hosted for a short period? Below is a list of such platforms, complete with their features and advantages: 


This file-sharing service provides users with chat rooms where files are uploaded and downloaded. It has a pretty user-friendly interface, unlike other platforms. Users can share files anonymously, but this feature is limited. Therefore, the only way to ensure your internet security is by implementing Volafile proxies.

Nevertheless, this software is highly convenient and designed for sharing files between family, friends, and colleagues. Users get a maximum file size of 20GB, and uploaded files expire after two days. 


Commonly known as Kickass Torrents (KAT), this is a website for peer-to-peer file sharing. Users share torrent files and magnetic links via the BitTorrent protocols. Kickass has gained a lot of popularity since its inception and even overtook Pirate Bay in popularity. 

However, KAT went down in 2017 after a seizure by the U.S. government. While the main site is down, users still have access to file-sharing features such as torrent trackers. It is worth noting that it is best to use proxies for an extra layer of security on the platform. For information on Kickass proxies, you can read more here.’s most significant appeal is that it hosts files for 30 days. This platform facilitates file transfer of up to 50 GB of data, and you can easily navigate the platform with its intuitive UI. 

However, with the numerous upsides comes one major downside: The 50 GB file transfer limit must be split into ten files, each not more than 5 GB. Therefore, this tool comes in handy when you have multiple files you need hosted even after the transfer process. It is not suited to transferring big files. 

Tiny Upload 

As the name suggests, this platform allows a maximum upload of 50 MB. Despite this, it lets one upload unlimited files that will forever be hosted on its servers. Therefore, Tiny Upload is suited to users that do not want time hosting constraints. 

Upon uploading a file, Tiny Upload generates two links. The first one offers the download option, while the second deletes it. It is worth noting that the downloaded file can only be hosted for a maximum of 100 days, after which Tiny Upload deletes it permanently.

Send Space

Send Space has additional file-sharing features compared to other tools on our list. The excellent interface contains the share via email button, which is highly convenient. Furthermore, the platform generates different types of links enabling HTML embedding. 

The maximum upload size is 300 MB, with unlimited uploads. Much like Tiny Upload, you can delete files via the delete link. We have placed this tool at the bottom of our list since it stores cookies. 

A Final Word

Anonymous file sharing is the best way to share your sensitive information with other internet users in different regions. The tools listed above offer auto-deleting features, ensuring privacy. Hence, if you are ever in need of efficient and anonymous file-sharing platforms, be sure to check these out. Most of the tools on our list have user-friendly interfaces that do not require any prior knowledge to operate.

File-sharing has never been easier. The tools we listed are just a taste of what’s out there. The web has a plethora of software you can use to share your data without worrying about privacy. It is always important to perform due diligence and check the efficacy of the software before using it.

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