Five Reasons You Should Always File Your Tax Returns

Humankind has been subject to paying taxes on its incomes for generations upon generations now. Yet, the topic remains the cause of dread for many people. The ancient civilizations, such as the Mesopotamians, also paid various taxes, including estate taxes. The first-ever recorded evidence of an organized tax system comes from ancient Egypt in 700 BC, where a 10% death tax was levied on property transferred at the time of death.

Income tax is a relatively new form of taxation, having its origin in only the twentieth century. Governments tend to impose this tax on the incomes generated by the people and businesses within their jurisdiction. Following are some of the most common types of taxes:

Indirect Tax – This tax burden is borne by a different entity than the one it is originally levied on. Consumer products are usually subject to this type of tax, such as a GST. 

Direct Tax – People and organizations pay this tax debt relief programs directly to the government entity. It is imposed on assets and property.

Property and Sales Tax – This tax applies to different possessions of an individual or organization. Anyone dealing in multiple properties has to pay taxes for these properties at the rate fixed by the government.

Business Income Tax – This tax necessitates organizations to pay a sum of their income at the end of each fiscal year. Its tax rate differs significantly from other kinds of taxes.

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Tax Returns

Tax return means the process of documentation of all taxes you are obliged to pay on your income during one year. You can file either as an individual or as an organization. Moreover, tax returns help you determine your tax payments and total tax-liability.

Unfortunately, many individuals perceive filing tax returns as voluntary and regard it as an arbitrary, exhaustive exercise. Nonetheless, we should recognize filing income tax returns as a mandatory annual activity and any honest citizen’s social duty. Our governments base our economy’s yearly budget and the means to execute that budget on the total amount of tax filers. Thus, a country’s sustained economic growth and stability are directly proportional to its tax returns.

Corporations and entrepreneurs usually divert all their focus on running their operations successfully and forget to pay attention to the fundamentals of filing tax returns. Some startup owners are not even fully aware of the process and the amount of tax they owe. Despite your business structure, you need to bear the responsibility of filing your tax returns regularly. With the aid of digital tax for businesses such as in retail, this can be timely complied.

There are countless reasons why you should always file your tax returns and be punctual while doing so. Let us consider some reasons why it is imperative to carry out this task every year without fail.

Tax Refunds, Enough Said

Most individuals are eligible for a refund after the subtraction of direct tax from their incomes by the respective revenue/income service in their countries, e.g., IRS. If your total tax payable is less than the tax amount deducted, then you are in for a treat. However, one can only claim refunds if they are successful in filing their returns in due time. Many financial experts strongly advocate for filing income tax returns as they can help you get significant rebates on your tax payments. If you’ve been eyeing the latest PlayStation and don’t know where to arrange the funds for your purchase, file your returns and cross your fingers because you might just get lucky.

We Make Up The Society We Live In

Governments require citizens existing in a certain income bracket, e.g., earning $100,000 annually, to file a tax return within a specified time limit. Failure in doing so may lead to penalization by the state and confrontation with the court of law. Though there’s no compulsion, individuals generating an income less than the specified amount may also file tax returns. Filing timely tax returns is an indicator of your moral character and social responsibility as a citizen. When you file your tax returns on time, you’re not just doing your part as a good citizen but simultaneously acting as a contributor to its economic growth. Consequently, you, your family, and the society as a whole will have a better standard of living as the government employs your collected tax into public welfare endeavors.

There’s Some Room For Deductions

Something to look forward to when filing for returns is the prospect of tax write-offs or deductions. There are usually several things you can include as tax deductions on your tax rebate. According to several sections under the law, tax-paying individuals can claim several deductions to minimize their outgoing tax or “tax outgo.” It is important to remember that one can only lay claim to such write-offs if they’re a punctual and consistent filer.

Good Credit, Bad Credit

The modern banking system is based on the concept of credit. For example, when someone requests a bank loan, the bank will first review the concerned entity’s financial status before processing their request. In such matters, filing your tax returns can corroborate your claim of having a stable income and paying taxes on it. Financial institutions, private equity firms, and insurance companies may also ask to review your tax receipts before finalizing a deal. Thus, when you file your present tax returns, you are indirectly improving your credit score for future debts and financial dealings.

You Gain Some You Lose Some

In recent times, investment in precious metals like gold has been replaced by stock investments in the equity market, also known as the stock market. When you invest, you’re subject to capital gains and losses. Luckily, for regular filers, the law allows adjustments of these losses against capital gains.

To Summarize

Even our great ancestors recognized taxes as a crucial part of a functional economy. Companies and entrepreneurs sometimes neglect how returns factor in the smooth running of their businesses. Tax returns help you determine the total amount of tax you owe on your income. Filing for these returns can be advantageous in many ways including, but not limited to tax refunds, tax write-offs, decrease in capital losses, and increase in creditworthiness.

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