Five Ways to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop

Your high-quality gaming laptop can never provide you with the same performance as a similarly-priced gaming desktop. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy playing the latest games. Instead, it puts additional pressure on you to ensure that your laptop is all set for Gaming.

In desktop computers, you have an option to upgrade the hardware, but limited options are available for laptop users. So now, what can be done to improve the laptop’s performance?

Here are some ways that can help you in optimizing your laptop set up on Windows 10;

Keep Your Laptop Clean and Dust-Free

Are you looking for tips to improve gaming performance on your laptop but are not aware of the technical skills? Then clean it.

Dust and dirt are openly affected your laptop’s performance. They result in reduced airflow, which leads to your device getting too hot. And once the heat builds up, the GPU, processer, and several other components slow down. As a result, your device becomes an ineffective gaming machine.

Therefore the ideal way to deal with such an issue is to remove the dust and get hold of some particular cleaning techniques. Moreover, if you are using the keyboard, make sure there is no form of dust, food, or anything that causes the keys to becoming sticky.

Update Laptop Drivers for Faster Gaming

Computer running Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems are primarily based on the same hardware that has the same architecture. This indicates that no matter which using plans you have, keep your device drivers up to date as it is essential.

But when it is about graphics drivers, you may need a comprehensive hands-on approach. Usually, Intel graphics unsuitable for hardcore gaming enjoy updated drivers through a Windows update; the third-party pictures do not offer such options.

This is why make sure that GPU management software like AMD Gaming Evolved is set to update automatically. Along with that, ensure that your audio drivers and controller are updated as well.

Overclock the Laptop Graphics Card

Are you planning to improve graphics on your laptop? The best option is overclocking.

It is a bit risky for beginners, as overclocking can come up with some extra performance out of the graphics card. Tools are readily available for both Nvidia GPUs and AMD, so you have nothing to worry about.

The main problems are with power and heat. Overclocking requires more electricity which is why you’ll have to adjust the laptop’s power settings properly. On the other hand, overclocking also increases the GPU’s heat.

This can be handled by the laptop’s cooling system, which is built-in. Regularly clean the fans, and the heatsinks, or else your computer will automatically shut down as a safety precaution due to extra heat.

You can have good results with overclocking, but it is something that should be done with care.

Activate Windows 10 Game Mode

Windows 1o is set with an Xbox app that includes streaming, screen recording, and Game Mode. Optimizing the laptop for Gaming is simple, like activating Game Mode and Game Bar. All you have to do is;

  1. Click on the start menu, go to settings or WIN+I
  2. Then click on Gaming, move on to Xbox Game Bar
  3. Switch it to ON
  4. Choose Game Mode in the left-hand pane
  5. Switch it to ON
  6. Close to finish

Through this, you can now press WIN+G to display the Xbox panel. When prompted, check the YES; this is a game box option. With game mode being active, Windows 10 will run games with optimum settings, and for this, you can close few background tasks.

Online Gamers: Check Your Network Speed

Gaming performance for the laptop is usually determined by the hardware, drivers, and your device’s configuration. However, if you are playing online games, there is one more element to think about: your internet connection speed.

Lag is the leading cause of trouble when it comes to online Gaming. A slow connection between your router and laptop can also be held responsible. In most cases, a wireless network card has latest drivers. If there is no change after applying the update, consider a wired Ethernet connection for your router.

Moreover, automatic updates can cause significant pain at times. For instance, Windows Update can save updates in the background before reminding you that update needs installing. Along with the uninstalled update, the updates reminders can too impact the performance.

Despite such issues, you cannot disable Windows Updates permanently, but you can do the following;

  • Install the updates when prompted
  • Keep your laptop offline

These are some of the tips the can help you in improving gaming performance on your laptop.

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