In addition to the luxurious shopping malls, office buildings and residential towers that define most of Gurgram’s skyscrapers, the city’s oldest and busiest market is the Sadar Bazaar. It is located next to the main bus station in the Old Town and remains a popular destination for most residents, as unlike shopping malls, the products found here are more economical and there are several varieties.

No wonder the marketplace, which is more than 5 km long, has wonderful restaurants, more than 60 years old. So on this tour, we bring you our food discoveries from Sadar Bazaar, Gurugram – a food choir and the birthplace of the very famous sweet, Dodha burfi, which is essentially from Pakistan. I enjoyed Dodha burfi while playing Roulette Online.

We started the meal journey from the very popular Gandhi Ji Pakodewala, whose pakoras are the most popular favorites among the locals. This is a third generation family business, this parcel business is impressive. Here we tried a selection of crispy and tasty packets such as soybean packet, kamal packet or lotus-packed packet, Paneer, slate and onion packet, etc., as well as green and dry ginger chutney.

Our next stop was Pandit Ji Ka Dhaba. There, the pure vegetarian meal, which does not include onion garlic, is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. We tried their thali, which included two Chule ki Roti (their specialty), Dal, potato curry with chole, and Kheer. The smear was simple, tasty and very enthusiastic. So if you want to eat the right foods instead of snacks in this busy market, then this place is perfect. The famous kheer is also only available on Tuesdays.

After that we went to Sardar Jalebi wala. The first thing that amazed us was the excited crowd of Jebel fans and of course the irresistible scent of freshly made Jalebis. The excellent reputation of this seventy-year-old store can be attributed to the excellent quality of Jalebis. I asked piping hot jalebi so he replied wait for few minutes till then i started searching for Kabaddi Betting Site to place bet in upcoming PKL.

The owner, whose family hailed from the Sarkhoda district of Pakistan and founded the business here, informed us that sometimes they make a fresh portion and most importantly, they don’t add any flavor or artificial coloring. The crisp and syrupy beauties were really hanging.

We then reached the Baljees restaurant to try the celebrated Pindi chole bhature, which is considered the best in this part of town. We weren’t disappointed at all, as the chole bhature was really delicious. In addition to the Pindi chole, they also had a panoramic package, which was also stunning.

Eventually, we reached the iconic facility Sham Sweets, known to be the pioneer of the Dodha burfi. Here we tried the deliciously nutritious Dodha burfi and kesar khoya ghewar. Delicious dodha burfi is a typical regional sweet with a caramelized and walnut flavor and a grainy texture. Made from a mixture of milk, sprouted wheat flour and sugar. Ghewar is again a seasonal fare available in the rainy months.

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