For Maximum Fun, Safety First

With summer rolling around, it’s easy to throw all caution to the wind. After all, years spent cooped up in the house due to the pandemic have to be made up for somehow. Without taking away from the fun in the sun, here are four reasons you shouldn’t drink and drive.

Danger to Others

After a few shots, it can seem like there isn’t a problem in the world. This is just fine, but the moment it begins to cause someone else to get hurt, it’s important to take a step back. Someone might feel as if they could drive with their eyes closed. However, alcohol impairs many of the senses necessary to drive in a safe way. If one is lucky, they might get away with nothing more than a little bumper scratch. But, more often than not, things end up in a situation that’s much worse. You can learn more here.

Danger to Oneself

Beyond the obvious dangers to the body, many people choose the fleeting pleasure of drunk driving while ignoring the other very real dangers. Drunk driving can result in harming the lives of others. But, take a moment to consider the possible criminal charges. Navigating a DUI can be strenuous. Many first offenses are made early on and most offenders get off with a slap on the wrist. Following the first infraction, later DUIs can morph into a life-altering series of consequences legally. Some of these include a “10 p.m. curfew, no traveling outside state lines, no traveling outside the county [without a Probation Officer’s approval], weekly therapy with a court-appointed counselor,” just to name a few.

Danger to Mental Health

Criminal charges and the endangerment of others are reasons enough to avoid driving while drunk. But, what about the mental toll of this poor decision? Many drunk drivers report deep feelings of guilt, self-loathing, depression, and emotional anguish after they’ve been in a drunk driving accident. Imagining the life, property, and time that could have been saved if they had made a different choice haunts the drunk driver for ages. Learn more about the way drunk drivers navigate negative emotions.

Danger to Career Prospects

With the legal implications and the mental backlash from the experience of causing harm through drunk driving, many people forget the stark truth that DUIs affect job searches. For a college student looking forward to completing their degree and entering the workforce, a DUI can bring an abrupt stop to that dream. Many employers, during background checks, are alarmed by the presence of a drunk driving charge. This conflict can be described in detail; read about it here. In a nutshell, such charges may point to behavior and deeper problems that would affect an individual’s quality of work.

Enjoy this first summer with a sense of responsibility and forethought. Even as you let loose and enjoy the vast array of alcoholic delights available to you, remember the old adage. Just don’t drink and drive.

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