Four Gift Ideas for Alcohol Lovers

Along with a mask, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant, alcohol was also considered, by many, to be essential during the Pandemic.

Most people can think of a person who discovered the richness of good alcohol. Whether it is the malty taste of Scotch or the burn that follows a Rye Whiskey, there is usually one thing in particular that keeps enthusiasts coming back. Whisky Subscription Box is also the best option for gifts for alcohol lovers.

Since that special and unique taste varies to the drinker, here are several gift ideas that almost any alcohol enthusiast would appreciate.


Not all glasses are created equal. There are many different kinds of glasses to choose from, and each with its benefits. For example, a cognac glass is typically more narrow at the top than it is on the bottom to allow for more emphasis on the aroma.

Whisky glasses and scotch glasses are not the same as wine glasses. If you are hosting a bourbon tasting event, you can’t serve bourbon in scotch glasses. While it’s easy to say that any glass works well enough, gifting the right glass for the right bottle is the cherry on top of an already great gift. Check more here Sangria systembolaget.

Mail Order

Mail order subscriptions are great. They offer a variety of options for the adventurous drinker to choose from. Whisky gift subscriptions are great for novice drinkers who are looking for a more guided experience.

Even experienced drinkers can benefit from these kinds of subscriptions. It can be a great way to try new drinks without having to commit to the large price tag attached to a standard 750mL bottle.

Chilled is Nice

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as most alcohol-related gifts revolve around ice or some sort of cooling stone. However, it’s still a great gift idea for any kind of drinker.

While a pack of chilled stones or ornate ice cubes resembling the Star Wars Death Star is nice, owning them has some advantages. For example, a nice bottle of Scotch should not be thrown in the freezer.

No, a nice bottle of Scotch should have a little water and be consumed at room temperature if possible. The water helps to release the flavors, activating it almost, and the ice can help deliver a nice refreshing chill to the drink.

In other words, research the best methods of chilling one’s favorite drink before buying anything.


A decanter is an ornate glass bottle, usually made of crystal, that holds liquid. They have been known to hold wine, whiskey, Scotch, and even perfumes in the past.

Buying a decanter is usually reserved for the connoisseur who not only enjoys drinking but relishing in the sight of it. They are typically displayed as ornamental pieces in a study, home, entryway, or office.

So, Remember

There are many different ways to enjoy alcohol, and no one is greater than another. So, buying a present for a friend or family member who enjoys drinking might look very different depending on personal preference.

Choose the gift for the person, not for the pretentiousness that usually follows fine alcohol consumption. Sometimes, even a cheap bottle of wine can taste expensive if served the right way.     

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