The best dishes for beginners to learn often have a frying element to them. Frying food is an easy way to spread out the temperature and have a visual on the food as it cooks. This way, you can see if you are about to overcook something.

If you are a true beginner and have absolutely no experience or any idea about where to start, these recipes below will help you learn the basics!

1.   Quick Fried Chicken – Martha Stewart

This recipe is easy although it does require you to have a great quality pan for frying chicken. Martha Stewart is known for making amazing recipes that remind you of a happy and comfy home. This fried chicken recipe is no different.

Martha requires you to have a 14-inch skillet or two small skillets and then pour oil into the pan until you have created a 2-inch depth. This is so that the chicken can cook through, and you get a wonderful crispy edge around every side.

The only way to make this recipe any better would be to add mashed potatoes on the side. If that sounds too adventurous for you, you can throw in some oven fries instead.

2.   Fried Eggs – Jessica Gavin

If frying a chicken still sounds too advanced for you, then let’s get back to the basics. Frying an egg is something any beginner can do, and with this recipe from Jessica Gavin, she will teach you 4 ways to achieve this goal.

Each of these methods creates a different level of runny egg; sunny-side up, over-easy, over-medium and over-hard. This means that Gavin can teach you how to fry an egg to anyone’s taste level.

The process is easy and uses only the ingredients and equipment that you should already have in your home. This includes butter, an egg, salt and pepper and then a frying pan. Simple!

Jessica also gives some great advice about non-stick skillets. These are pans which your eggs won’t stick to, making it easier to slip them off the surface.

3.   Egg Fried Rice – Healthy Nibbles

Once you have fried eggs mastered, you can move on to the Chinese household dish – egg fried rice. Don’t let the list of ingredients scare you, as they are all things you should be able to find in your local grocery store. Even sesame seed oil is considered a common ingredient nowadays.

The instruction list is only 5 steps long, and the process is super simple. All you need to do is add in each ingredient one at a time, giving a couple of minutes between each step. In total it only takes about 10 minutes to cook.

The longest part is often the preparation. Healthy Nibbles says it should take 10 minutes to chop all of the vegetables, but it might take you longer if you are new to cooking. Try not to rush through this experience, as cooking should be fun!

4.   Pan-Fried Pork Chops – Uno Casa

Although this recipe is super simple, it will make everyone at the table think you’ve been cooking for years. The amount of flavor from these 6 ingredients is sublime, yet the preparation for this dish is super small.

As a beginner, you may have heard that some cooks marinade their seasoning into their meat to allow the flavor to reach further. That is a great technique, but sometimes little sprinkles like you can see in this recipe is all it takes to make the flavors pop.

In total it only takes 15 minutes to prepare and then cook this meal. It would be a perfect dish to have in your back pocket when you want to impress a date, show off to your friends, or host that picky person that acts like a food snob.

You can even add some egg-fried rice onto the side.

5.   Crispy Buffalo Fried Cauliflower – Serious Eats

If you want to make something just as delicious to show off to your friends, but you need it to be on the vegan side of life, then this buffalo-fried cauliflower recipe is just what you need!

The recipe includes surprising ingredients like Vodka and baking powder, but again don’t be put off by this. The process is simple. You just dunk the cauliflower into a batter mixture you create and then fry them for around 6 minutes each.

Frying is simple, and these beginner recipes can help you gear up for the more complicated ones.

You’ll feel like a pro in no time!

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