Fun Summer Activities for Healthy Kids' Feet

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Summer is the perfect time for children to engage in activities that are not only fun but also beneficial for their overall health, especially their feet. Healthy feet are the foundation of an active lifestyle, and ensuring kids’ feet are well-cared for can lead to a lifetime of comfort and mobility. This summer, let’s explore some exciting activities that can help maintain and improve the health of children’s feet.

Importance of Foot Health in Children

Foot health in children is crucial as it affects their balance, posture, and overall physical development. Proper foot care can prevent issues such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and other common foot problems. Encouraging children to wear foot shaped shoes, designed to prioritize a close fit to the foot’s natural form. Dr. Ray McClanahan, a well-respected podiatrist in the US, first introduced the idea of wearing foot-shaped footwear for better foot health.

These shoes typically have minimal arch support and padding, allowing the foot muscles to engage and strengthen naturally. These shoes provide adequate support, allowing children’s feet to grow and develop correctly. 

Summer Fun with Healthy Feet

Summer activities can be a great way to keep kids’ feet healthy. Engaging in diverse, playful exercises helps strengthen muscles, improve balance, and enhance coordination. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate into your summer plans:

Barefoot Sensory Walks

Barefoot sensory walks are a fantastic way to connect children with nature while stimulating their feet. Creating a sensory path with different textures such as sand, pebbles, grass, and water can provide a delightful experience. Walking barefoot helps strengthen foot muscles and improves proprioception – the body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location. It’s a simple yet effective activity to boost foot health. To continue the fun even after the play, invest in foot-shaped shoes to protect their feet while still allowing for the natural movement and sensory benefits they’ve experienced. 

Discover a great selection of foot shaped shoes for your kids featuring various styles with flexible soles and breathable materials, perfect for active youngsters. Plus, their shoes come in a range of sizes to accommodate growing feet, from toddler to pre-teen.

Foot Fitness Obstacle Course

Set up a foot fitness obstacle course in your backyard or a local park. Use various items like balance beams, hopscotch grids, and stepping stones to create a challenging yet fun course. This type of play encourages children to use different parts of their feet, enhancing flexibility and strength. Wearing a kid’s foot-shaped shoes during these activities can offer the right blend of support and freedom, allowing children to navigate obstacles safely and comfortably.

DIY Spa Day

Turn an ordinary summer day into a DIY spa day for kids. Soaking feet in warm water with Epsom salts can be both relaxing and beneficial, helping to soothe tired muscles and reduce inflammation. Follow up with a gentle foot massage using lotion to keep their skin soft and hydrated. This pampering session can be a wonderful bonding experience while promoting good foot hygiene and care.

Dance it Out

Dancing is an excellent way to keep kids active and their feet healthy. Whether it’s a structured dance class or a spontaneous dance party at home, moving to music improves coordination, balance, and foot strength. 


Maintaining healthy feet is vital for children, contributing to their overall well-being and physical development. This summer, incorporate activities like barefoot sensory walks, foot fitness obstacle courses, DIY spa days, and dance sessions into your routine. These fun and engaging activities will not only keep your kids entertained but also ensure their feet are strong and healthy. Embrace the summer with these activities and watch your children step confidently into a healthier future.

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