Furry Friends: Tips and Tricks on How to Train a Ferret

Ferrets are a unique and adorable choice for a pet. They’re compact, cute, and above all, friendly. Like every other furry friend, however, they do sometimes require some training.

Because they are a relatively unusual choice of pet, you may be finding it difficult to source much literature on how to train a ferret. If this is the case, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The tips and tricks to training ferrets are actually quite simple. You may even be surprised by how much they can learn. Read on for a short and simple guide on ferret training 101.

Potty Training

As you probably already know, most pet ferrets tend to do their business in special litter boxes. However, it can be difficult for them to form this habit on their own. Luckily, there are a couple of different ways you can help your ferret to use its litter box when he or she has gotta go.

First, try popping them into their litter box each morning when they first wake up. It’s likely they’ll have to use the toilet at this time, and this method trains your ferret to associate the action with the location. You can also try giving him or her a treat each time they successfully use the litter box.


Is your ferret constantly running away, chewing up your furniture, or biting you or your loved ones? If so, it may be time for some obedience training.

When you notice your ferret doing something naughty, try making a high-pitched hissing sound or saying “NO” in a firm voice. Spraying certain scents can deter them from going into areas you don’t want them. If they’re chewing up your belongings, try giving them ferret teething rusks instead.


Ferrets are intelligent creatures, so it’s possible to teach them a number of different tricks. They can run through obstacle courses, perform commands like roll over, and respond when their names are called.

The trick to all of these things is the two Ps: patience and positive reinforcement. Keep training sessions short, but do them often, and don’t give up. Make sure to reward them when they do a good job.

Clicker training has also proven to be effective when training ferrets. Using a clicker combined with a treat every time he or she responds to their name is a good method to teach them to come to you when called. For more ferret facts and training tips, visit thepetsavvy.com

How to Train a Ferret Fast

Following the above methods is the best way to train your ferret. If you’re wondering how to train a ferret fast, the answer is you might not be able to. Each ferret will learn at its own pace—just be prepared to have a lot of patience.

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