Gaming Technology Now Dominates the Gaming Industry

Online gaming in all corners of the niche has undergone some noticeable developments over the past half a decade which can be attributed to the use of JavaScript transported by HTML5, while mobile gaming via an app is still also immensely popular. App gaming itself has been around for some, however, HTML5 tech is something new and it is spreading like wildfire through industries such as iGaming where players need quick access to joker slot games and table games.

Below we take a look at how app gaming and HTML differ, and some of the reasons some prefer instant play web browser gaming versus downloading an application to play games.

Will HTML5 Eventually Take Over?

Downloadable apps are popular in the gaming industry and there is little chance this will change dramatically in the future. That said, it will die down as HTML5 takes over, which we will get to in the next section. In a report by the bangkokpost, one of the largest gaming companies in the region Asiasoft “Mobile games are forecast to make up 49% of the market share”, so the next division to make is which mobile games are played via HTML5 and which ones are played via an app?

App Bugs Can Leave Downtown:

Apps are convenient for players that prefer not to use their web browser for gaming. That said there are some disadvantages to using them. For example, if there is a bug, you have to wait for the app developer to fix it and this can lead to downtime every so often. This is exactly the same situation we see with game clients on PCs whereby when there is an update in progress, everyone gets kicked off the game until new patches roll out. This is something that does not happen with HTML5. The developer creates the updates, tests them, and then replaces or updates the old JavaScript to the new code and the changes are instant.

Android & iOS Apps Are The Best Option:

There are also some downsides that affect the company that designed the gaming app too. For instance, the developer will need to design both an iOS app and an Android app to capture the largest markets of mobile device users which are Android and iOS. is a mobile slots and table game website where players bet for real money in THB. The mobile casino downloads only target Android and iOS users. Anyone using Windows Mobile or another mobile OS, the casino misses out while the game developer also misses out on these markets.

HTML5 Works with Any Operating System:

On the other hand, HTML5 works with any operating system because it transports JavaScript to a web browser. And today all web browsers are HTML5 ready. Consequently, the operating system plays no part in the way the game is delivered. I.e., whether you use Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Nexus, or any other operating system, you will have a web browser installed. It could be Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or a custom web browser – as some brands like to build these into the OS running on the device – it really does not matter, because it is the web browser that does all the heavy lifting, not the OS!

Do game apps run faster with local game installs?

Some apps may operate faster because players can download games to the app on-demand, so to some extent the game operates locally on the device. That said, HTML5 games take up no space on your device’s physical memory because the game is purely run via a cloud. It’s just as fast, and in most cases, the JavaScript runs faster via a browser.

Separating Gaming Apps from Browsing:

Some people may just like the fact they are using an app designed specifically for gaming while they prefer to separate their web browser for browsing websites only. That’s fair enough, but you can also add a desktop shortcut to the mobile gaming website URL or login URL, double-tap to open it in the same way you would open an Android or iOS app, and then play games this way!

Our Take on the Mobile App Market!

HTML5 is so well-designed these days that games can run just as fast as your web browser as they can via an app. Hence more game developers turn to JavaScript coding their games, bonuses, and the user account management areas can be built into the web app version of the game in exactly the same way as a developer would build the user back end on an app. As for speed differences, it is unnoticeable, and in some cases your device could slow down locally installed games while this would not happen while using the processing power of the servers delivering games via a web browser.

In the iGaming industry, HTML5 gaming is perhaps the best option because players like to play so many different games. Such as online slots which some casinos have more than one thousand video slots to choose from. With so many video slot titles to play, downloading each on could quickly fill up your mobile device’s physical storage. However, if you are downloading an app that is specifically to play one game, then you are not going to have the same problem as a gamer playing multiple video slot themes.

Weighing up the evidence, at the end of the day, it is entirely down to your personal situation and device hardware!

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