Gelato feminized

If you’ve ever wanted a dessert that you can smoke, then Gelato feminized seeds are the cannabis strain you’re looking for. Smooth, creamy, and delicious, this super strain packs a punch in both the enjoyment and taste departments.

With low CBD levels, this cultivar makes up for it with a high THC content. It’s quick to lift you to sweet highs but gentle enough to keep you alert and on your toes. The delectable ice cream strain dishes out enjoyment but is also pretty potent for medicinal use.

It’s perfect for enjoying at night but can be used during the day without inducing a heavy couchlock. Follow us down candy lane and find out why we consider the Gelato feminized seed strain to be mother nature’s ice cream.

Gelato feminized seeds description

Gelato is one smooth and creamy cannabis strain. Its sweet flavors deliver a tang similar to ice cream hence its namesake. Gelato feminized seeds produce a plant with soaring levels of psychoactive THC, surprising users with a euphoria-driven high.

At 14–20% THC, it’s a quick-acting strain with psychedelic head rush characteristics, which could be overwhelming for new consumers. You’ll find it more fun to be social when enjoying the dessert strain, prone to being talkative and socially savvy.

Thanks to one of the parent plants, the feminized seeds of Gelato produce crops that have a strong orange scent, but a base note of earthiness comes through when crushed. As you indulge, you’ll find that the flavor palate changes from the zesty citrus to a sweeter berry that touches on a hint of lavender.

Gelato feminized effects

Intense is the best way to describe a Gelato high in one word. Even seasoned cannabis users should proceed with caution and enjoy the Gelato feminized seed strain in moderation.

Before the first toke is done and dusted, the cerebral rush races through the mind like a giddy giggling teenager. You may feel as though you’re an energized electron initially, but soon you’ll mellow out into a state of euphoria.

Your trip is bound to settle down into a deep calmness of physical and spiritual serenity. Expect your muscles to shed tension, with aches and pains leaving your body in a total state of bliss. Users describe feeling a sense of weightlessness after a while.

Don’t let the relaxation aspect of this blend fool you. You may be cool, calm, and collected, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve lost focus or productivity. You’re pretty alert; it’s just the stress that’s waned.

As a bonus, many consumers claim that their creativity sparked to life when indulging in the Gelato feminized seeds strain. So if you’ve ever felt that there’s a hidden Picasso within you, then you’ll want to try this art-inducing treat.

You might experience dry eyes and cottonmouth, as with any cannabis strain, but you can keep these at bay by staying hydrated.

Gelato feminized flavors

Gelato feminized seeds produce an incredible tasting cannabis strain. Its bouquet of flavors starts off with fresh citrus, followed by an explosion of berries. It completes the taste sensation with a creamy fruitiness that lingers on the lips.

It’s a dessert aroma with hints of a cookie and mint balancing out the sweetness of the blueberries and raspberries.

An interesting undertone is the nudge of earthiness with just a hint of lavender that skulks in the background, which only pushes forward on exhale.

Expect a truly enlightening experience that tantalizes the taste buds and tingles the olfactory senses.

How to germinate Gelato feminized seeds

There are several different techniques that you can use to germinate your Gelato strain feminized seeds. Some are easier than others, but any method you try can get your seeds started if followed correctly.

We cover two methods below to help you decide which one suits you best based on your resources and environmental conditions.

The water method

For best results using this method, germinate your gelato seeds feminized in a dark place.

What you need:

  • A container large enough to hold your seeds covered in water
  • Clean filtered water
  • Spoon or another instrument to sink floaters
  • Tiny pots (One for each germinated seed)
  • Soil or another grow medium
  • Gelato feminized seeds


  1. Submerge your seeds in a container filled with clean filtered water at room temperature. Leave to stand for a few days.
  2. If you see any floating seeds on the second day, tap them with a clean instrument to make them fall. Within one to three days, you should see a tail pop out from the seed. Please note that it can take as much as seven days before the tails appear in some cases.
  3. Carefully plant your sprouted seeds in the soil in tiny pots. Place the tail of the seed down in about ½” of soil. Gently cover the seedlings with the loose soil but don’t press down.

Paper towel and plate method

The most simple techniques require very little tools or effort. The paper plate method is one that many people swear by to germinate Gelato feminized seeds and other strains.

What you need:

  • Four paper towels
  • Distilled water
  • Two plates of the same size
  • Gelato strain feminized seeds


  1. Take four sheets of paper towels and wet them using distilled water. The towels must be wet but shouldn’t be dripping.
  2. Take two sheets and place them on a plate with the Gelato strain feminized seeds laid out on top about 1″ apart.
  3. Place the second plate on top to create a dark environment conducive to germination.
  4. Place the plate sandwich in a dark area where the temperatures are between 70–85°F.
  5. Check on the setup daily to make sure that the paper towels are always moist. Apply water as and when it’s needed.
  6. Germination takes place anywhere from 3 to 10 days. If, after two weeks, the Gelato strain feminized seeds haven’t sprouted, it’s likely they’re duds and won’t ever germinate. You can throw those away.
  7. Once the little roots sprout, it’s time to move the seedlings to a pot of soil.

Seedling plugs and starter cubes

One of the most reliable methods for germinating Gelato feminized seeds is pre-prepared starter cubes and seedling plugs. You place one seed inside a cube and water it. Place the setup on a plate or flat surface and keep them in a warm area.

These nutrient-rich pockets ensure that your seeds automatically get the ideal conditions for germination. Using this method will improve the number of seeds that you successfully start.

The cubes are suitable for various growing methods, including soil, hydroponics, and coco coir. The only downside of using starter cubes is that they come in packages of 50.

If you’re planning on only planting a few Gelato feminized seeds, the rest of the blocks in the packet will go to waste. Once opened, the plugs have a shelf life of one to two weeks at most. After that, the cubes dry out and won’t work for successful germination.

Gelato feminized seeds grow information

This peppy plant is a fantastic choice for both indoor and outdoor setups. However, indoor grow rooms are better for the Gelato feminized seeds as it allows the gardener to optimize the environmental conditions.

It’s a short but stout plant, reaching around 1.5ft–3ft indoors, but it can shoot up to 4ft–6ft when planted outside. Those who are short on space will enjoy cultivating the strain.

It’s small but can yield 14–17 oz./m2 indoor or 21 oz./plant outdoors. The flowering time on this beauty is relatively short, at 8–9 weeks. The ideal harvest time is towards the end of September, which gives you ample time to collect your buds before the first tendrils of autumn frost appear.

To get the best results from your seeds, you need to ensure your grow setup is suited to the specific strain. Gelato feminized seeds and crops like Mediterranean, tropical climates with temperate arid conditions. They do particularly well in a SOG or ScrOG grow setup, which keeps the seedlings healthy.

The plant’s growing style is typical of its hybrid genetics. It likes to shoot upwards and outwards, so make sure there’s plenty of space between the bushes. They won’t need much trimming since there’s ample room between the branches.

Fortunately, the plant is genetically strong and mold-resistant, so you don’t have to worry too much about pests. As the Gelato strain feminized seeds mature, you need to be aware that there may be a noticeable odor closer towards the flowering period.

If you’ve set up an indoor grow room, you should consider installing an extractor fan to minimize the aroma. With a little tender love and care, you’ll be rewarded with an attractive plant that has a lovely purple hue and lots of glistening buds.

Gelato feminized seeds genetics

This Gelato feminized seeds candy strain hails from a mix between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. It’s also more commonly known as Larry Bird and was developed in San Francisco. It’s a true 50/50 hybrid of sativa and indica.

So what did the parents give their blended offspring? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Sherbert OG or Sunset Sherbert is an indica dominant hybrid strain that came about by crossing Pink Panties with Girls Scout Cookie. It’s a powerful strain that gives a full-body effect of cerebral energy and a peaceful state of mind.
  • Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a legendary strain consisting of OG Kush and Durban Poison genetics. The hybrid provides a nice balance between calming and energizing effects.

With such an impressive lineage, it’s no wonder that the Gelato seeds feminized are so popular for recreational and medicinal use.

Where to buy Gelato feminized seeds

With the US slowly relaxing some of its cannabis laws, there are more and more places popping up where you can purchase Gelato feminized seeds. Options include online stores, and in some states, on-location dispensaries are available to purchase seeds.

The easiest way to get started is to search for reputable online stores. Read user reviews about particular seed banks to see which ones have a great reputation. Once you find one you like, you can visit the website and get more information on their payment and delivery options. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the best range of seeds on the market and offers you tons of help along your growing journey.

The biggest benefit to shopping on the internet is you can get your seeds delivered to your front door quickly and discreetly. If you prefer to talk to someone in person, visiting a dispensary is the best way.

Do your homework and find out if the shop is licensed to sell seeds and investigate their reputation for good quality seeds. You don’t want to spend your money on Gelato feminized seeds that end up not popping or giving poor yields.

Enjoy Mother Nature’s ice-cream

Gelato feminized seeds have gotten their name due to the amazing blissful berry flavors the strain provides. The dessert treat takes the user on a trip with its high THC levels and then eases them down to earth.

It has a healing effect on the body by settling chronic pain and helping control depression. At Homegrown Cannabis Co, the experts all agree that this is a strain to take home for good.

Even though it’s not an easy cannabis plant to cultivate, it’s well worth the effort in the end. Get your Gelato seeds feminized today, and in a few short months, you can enjoy a toasty ice-cream treat in a puff of smoke.

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