Get licensed vet care for your pets instantly

Are you worried about your cat’s health? Ask for online chatting and video services to get immediate medical care for your pet. You can get instantly connect to qualified doctors and get all the questions answered. The veterinarian services are available 24/7. The services are simple and easy to use. If you cannot visit the local clinic or your pet needs medical attention during off-clinic hours – get emergency online veterinary services.

Telemedicine or Tele-Triaging

Your pet can always get instant vet care with the latest technology without leaving home. There are some fantastic services to avail of online Vet appointments for urgent or recurring problems. You can address this through a simple video meet or online chatting service.

Telemedicine is commonly known as televet. You can do real-time chatting with the medical team, have video conferencing, or texting over the phone to get prompt health care advice with telemedicine. You would require a Vet Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) to consult a vet for your pet’s diagnosis. You not only get the primary medical care but can avail prescription also.

Telemedicine is growing amongst older adults who cannot travel to the vet every time the pet needs one. However, tele-triage is for emergency conditions. It is a virtual meeting with the medical team for animals. This facility helps you decide whether you need to rush to the hospital with the pet or wait until the opening hours.

Tele-triage is extension support for general advice. You cannot get the medical diagnosis, treatment, and prescription drugs over tele-triage; it is for more generic help.Your dog might start puking at 11 pm and make it a difficult decision for you to rush or stay. You can check for the symptoms and opt for Triage to get better guidance on what you can do at home.

Pros of vet virtual support 

All types of pets can get medical care through online veterinary anesthesia machines. You can speak to the licensed Edmonton vet doctor for any urgent needs, accidents, choking, or routine vaccinations. There is a dedicated medical team to support other questions related to medications, managing symptoms, and giving regular care.

It is ideal for the animals that prefer staying and have travel anxiety. The entire process is comfortable for older pets that face difficulty in traveling to local clinics. You can get urgent home visits if you have restricted mobility, whether due to age or any other reason. A virtual meeting may sound a little less compassionate, but it is absolutely the opposite. The vets online are very considerate and prompt in attending to any health concern.

You can get the pet picked up in a vet car for real emergencies like accidents, choking, and heavy bleeding, stuck in any place, breathlessness, and known underlying health conditions. With the mobile services, the vet will have a video meet first then arrive at your place depending on the urgency of the situation. You can also get the medicines and other drugs delivered home.

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